No News thread?

Too lazy to look, but check this out -

It was made in less than 7 minutes ago on their facebook page. GET HYPE!

This patch was out yesterday…the only thing I noticed is that players that appeared red in ranked (like when you can select from a list of players to challenge) will appear red when they challenge you. Before, if you didn’t see their name in the list of players and then they challenged you, their name wouldn’t show in red in the challenge screen even if they were supposed to be red.

I doubt there’s some gameplay balance changes, but I’m praying for some Mitsuru nerfage.

I’m hoping for some taxing on Yosuke’s DP and a fix on akihiko’s dash in grab, since sometimes it whiffs for absolutely no reason.

Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong or something. (Which is odd, since it should get the same result each time.)

Interesting… patinetly awaiting patch notes… safe to assume the SMP loop is bye bye?

Mitsuru is fine. Don’t ask for nerf in the future, ask for buffs to characters instead imo. If people can’t ask for rational buffs to real problems and then asking for nerf out off nowhere sounds pretty baseless.

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Opponent is probably still in blockstun or throw protection frames.

Probably, but I think she should keep it. Naoto needs everything she can get, to be honest.

I doubt it’s blockstun. Most likely throw protection.

Agreed. Mitsuru is good but people act like she is 3S Chun-Li or something. She is top but not by a wide margin. Also, this just in, people need to learn to block.

If they make a patch like that, it would be on Arcade 1st, and it would have been announced with some time before coming out

the patch is just a fix to yukiko’s fire break glitch and one or two others, not major stuff like SMP loop

why would you expect actual balance changes instead of fixes when there hasnt even been an arcade update

Mitsuru isn’t an issue because she is hard to block. Also she’s more broke than 3S Chun. The thing with 3S Chun is that you actually have to be pretty good to use her in a “game breaking” way.

holy shit is this real life
this is worse than that dude on srk saying arakune has mediocre mixup in curse

Lol, no. All you had to do was hit-confirm super and 70% of your life is gone with Chun. You don’t have to be “good” to get one hit confirm in.

If anything, mitsuru is more like yun, if you’re going to make a 3s comparison. (Not in playstyle.)

She has quick recovery after her blockstrings in almost all of her frames. the fact that she can literally DP and then spam out a super right after is pretty downright offensive.

The problem with Mitsuru isn’t in blocking at all. It’s in, “When can I find something unsafe to hit this chick with or do a blockstring that she can’t punish me out of?” That’s the issue with Mitsuru.

Add that onto her amazing range and obvious pressure and you’ve got a monster on your hands.

Despite that, she doesn’t need to be really fixed, because when you see a flaw on her, you SEE A FLAW. And it can be greatly punished. You just need to know when.

hit confirmation requires good awareness of what’s going on, not many players are on a level where they can legitimately hit confirm one crouch MK from a random situation where they aren’t sure if it’s going to hit or not.

And “when can I try to get out of this pressure situation without getting hit by a 5A or anti-air”.

For the most part, Mitsuru pressure is safe because of Droite. Her normals don’t actually recover super fast, though the extremely long range of them can make it tough for some characters to punish, but she can use Droite to cover herself because it’s relatively safe. Droite can only be punished on IB if blocked up close and if your character as move 6f or faster. On top of that, Mitsuru has a lot of really strong tools like j.A, j.B, 2B, 5B and her D normals. And she also does a lot of damage. Not Chie level, but 5A air hit into 3k is pretty scary to deal with.

That being said, if they do decide to make an arcade update in the future, I can imagine SMP will be one of the first things to go out the window. They’ve already removed it from BBCP. However, I do hope they consider fixing other things like the wall bounce glitch with Kanji and the glitch with Teddie’s teleports.

Strongly disagree.

Hit-confirming into super is like the number one thing every chun-li player must learn how to do, before anything else. Even bad chun-li players who just spam out normals, thinking it’s safe, know that when they’re in the red, they’re going to go for that hit confirm.

Not even that, but then you factor in parry, hit confirm into super and it makes it worse. Chun-li is not a hard concept and to most extents, just as easy as mitsuru to be perfectly honest with you.

:eek: Can we keep this a news thread? I’d hate to see someone else fall for the bait like I did in the other thread and derail it permanently. Thanks. :smiley: