No more gens at NEC

lost in the whateverith round due to a dumb random ultra i did. no idea why. dont ask me. played great til then had a life lead on sagat. sad to see only redwolf and I at the tourny. sadder to see i miss top 32 from one dumb mistake that even i cant explain. sickening

p.s im not even sure if i just missed the 32. im being told i did.

I’m sorry to hear that man. Thanks for repping Gen! If any videos surface, please link them.

Yeah im still trying to find out now. since i missed top 32 idk how itll be done. but i was definitely on the stream. people said they saw me get some viper. which is funny cause viper causes me trouble. kinda jealous that he had someone coaching in his ear too. but wth how often you have another gen person around to coach ya mid match

It’s a difficult match for me too. Gotta know when to Gekiro, when to focus-dash, and when to lower your hitbox with cr. mk (much like some shotos do in this matchup). Beware of ex seismo on wakeup, because it’s free ultra (I get caught way too often by this). Her stun and mix-up is godlike against the old man, but I think I need more experience.

yea that my problem with against some characters total lack of experience since the two people i play who are good are a ryu and rufus player. sadly the ryu gets into patterns that i can take advantage of, so when i face a good ryu it a pain in the ass. funny thing is he got great spacing. damn rufus tho i cant do shit , it usually ends up me keeping him out until one fuck up and i end up dead.

i need to get better at pretty much everything it seems, but the rufus player says im playing more solid that something.

You could just add people from other character sections asking for them to spar with you, I wish I had some more elf experience personally, I just have no idea what’s going on with that mexican SOB when I play Gen. I can usually handle him with Seth though.

so Redwolf didn’t do well? I didn’t see or here about the tourney so I guess I’m making an assumption.

man it was hella fucking loud in there man. he didnt even hear his god damn name for his first match. not even his fault. no actual timing or anything. so that was bullshit.
so he was in losers without even fighting. then he lost somehow idk. i wasnt there to see it i was having a match. probably some nonsense. idk. a fluke

good stuff man. saw you on the stream. crazy crossup style of gen. i noticed you play mostly out of crane. im interested in using crane more. any tips, or are you playing strictly from a feel standpoint.

i think you were a match out of top 32 btw

that sucks ass mike. then i missed it off an insane mistake. the way i played on that viper was only cause A it wasnt a shoto and B he had the option to burn his meter to stop it and knock me down but not combo(unless it was the ultra i think)
crane for me is more of my you dont know the matchup or i can confuse you with very slow pressure and not have you know which way to go. slows the other person down. me personally i work backwards compared ot other gens. crane is my odd pressure and mantis is my zone keep you away (pokes). Redwolf definitely helped me improve my pokes the first day. without it i would of lost to a feilong who i poked to death. he couldnt escape the corner lock i had him in.

Yea there was about 10000 billion balrogs though man… I feel you lol

I played against a nasty Gen in the hype room… Any idea who it was?

at NEC?
there was only 2 gens there. what was he wearing

Screw it i wont be politically correct. there was a black guy. (ME)
and a im not sure actually non black guy (redwolf)

lol I think our civilization has gotten to the point where we can say who is black, white, asian etc :stuck_out_tongue: I know I’m white. some of my family members are black. and half of my friends are black. But I guess there are some out there that do care. but really as long as they are adding er after the N word should be good. ga after N is okay for some people. but my cuz hates it when even other black people call him that. personal preference. My nick name is part racial. My last name is Ingram, and i get called Nigram.

sorry I guess that last post was kinda pointless.

Yeah at NEC

Would it be bad if I can’t remember? LOL I was the shitty Fuerte player using the huge arse VLX that was in the room. I am fat and white. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. i dont remember playing any fuerte players. but i only remember the tourny matches. and justin wong casual where i beat his rufus with 3 perfects in a row. and i did ultra 3. the hidden ultra that has to be done in 1 10th of a single frame. then the playstation exploded and ono came out of it and opened a box and gen came out of THAT. and then he lifted his fingers to strike and said, “You are already…good…” and they all vanished and marty mcfly came and took me back in time before alll that happened and i just got my ass beat by justin wong’s random alternate characters. god damn that marty mcfly!!!

if he used ultra 2 it was me. if he used ultra 1 it was probably redwolf.

I see you also played blazgreen

lol. frost green. was kinda buzzed during day one. hungover kinda day 2 a bit…
i forgot about the event til friday and already had plans. really just decided to go for the fun. didn’t think id make any run.
anyway ill try out your el fuerte on psn if you want
same name rickytocky

LMAO. thread is now full of win. nigram haha

im the blackest white guy i know that isnt like thug wanna be