No Money? No Problem! Law match video thread

Show us how you make your money with Law!


Skip to 2:26 for Law/Heihachi footage. These combo’s with Heihachi are so juicy.

thanks I don’t see much Law players from the stream, are there any others? Law Doesn’t even look like his main…

Edit: Last link cut the fights out for some reason. These have the fights:

Fanatiq: 1:49:58

Fanatiq: 0:12:26
Richard Nguyen: 0:21:53

RIP playing Law during Cross Assaults challenge


Alex Valle

Few random ranked matches.


I like that Cloud Gates mixup you did in the first vid. :slight_smile:

I don’t have much yet, but there is this…


Didn’t know if charging a move when the timer runs out you’d stay in until the move is released. Very interesting :smiley:

Yes it’s pretty neat actually. Using that and an extended move like Fury Fist Rush to hold them, you can do a little more this way than simply ending your Cross Assault with a raw Super. :slight_smile:

pretty hype shit
I may have to summon Tandoori Jones so that we can incorporate this into our team

hmm… Thats me I didn’t know people were recording me now.

You were the lucky one we landed it on first I guess. The anti-air groin-kick cross art from Poison was solid pay back though, no?


A match video featuring Law and Hwoarang shaving off the ass of yours truly.

v.2013 Law footage (various sources):


Will update if I find even more (there’s quite a lot)!

That CORN Sethlololol vs. Infiltration match was one of the best SFxT matches I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing.

It’s already considered a classic you know. :smiley: Was indeed very high level play!

EVO 2013 Law footage:


FINALLY some Sethlolol footage! Sad to see he got bodied out of the tournament so early on. :frowning: