"No Mission is Impossible"- The Nina Match up thread

This is the place where we talk about the assassin’s best and worst “jobs”. All info to eliminate the targets is necessary.

VS Julia:
OMG I HATE THIS FIGHT! Trying to out footsie someone who can hit you out of your effective range is infuriating. But onto actual advice

  • Empty cancelling low/stand forward or stand short into Geyser canon to catch a button is your best hope in the initial ground game.
  • Everyone SHOULD know by now that Julia’s DP is throwable a la Viper in SF4. So meaty throw is a good option if you have them against the ropes
  • Knowing where the holes in her block strings helps a lot as you can EX through it (dash/canon/skull crusher)
  • Her backdash is really good, but even she can’t get away from Nina on wake up. Use either D/F light kick, flash kick xx BB or Ivory Cutter to catch her

VS Shotos:

  • Count how many hits are in a block string and if it’s around three or you are really far (ie max low forward range) ducking into arm break will punish fireball strings
  • Watch for cancel strings, especially from Ryu (except sweep cancel strings) and punish accordingly
  • Be on the lookout for overheads against Ryu/Akuma since they can tag off of them
  • Stay outside of low forward range and if they throw it out, counter poke or skull crusher it.
  • Nina’s ambiguous jump ins can beat DP’s clean. I’ve stuffed quite a few shoryus.
  • Nina can catch backdashes with all three set ups ( forward, short, strong/flash kick/ ivory cutter)

VS King:

  • Nina has issues anti airing characters who have higher hurt boxes, so be careful when he does the jump fierce (the dive looking one). It will beat cr. fierce for free. Medium kick will work but it has to be really high (this also applies to Marduk, Nina)
  • Stay outside of his stand short range, remember it is a standing low.

VS Rolento:

  • Everytime, EVERY FUCKING TIME you see pogo, jump Roundhouse. This will eventually cause the Rolento player to immediately hit a button after pogo, which means he’ll be negative when he touches the ground. Punish them once you make them respect this
  • If he does the rolling thingy, you can punish with skull crusher (I think BB works as well)
  • Daggers are duckable
  • watch for the jab jab jab low forward string. With the reduced block stun you can launcher this now
  • He cannot backdash you either

VS Chun:

  • I really hate this bitch in this game
  • Make it a priority to punish her floaty jump ins. Remember you cancel cr. fierce into either short or forward ducking to mix them up
  • Ivory cutter works to catch backdashes sometimes, just use the flash kick set up
  • Try to stay outside of stand strong range and if she kikokens, EX GC it

VS Kazuya:

  • His three hit chain isn’t punishable
  • You don’t have to guess his mix ups if you have meter
  • Hit jump in is really long, like Ryu’s but can be AA’d all the same
  • He cannot backdash you
  • Your jump ins will most likely stuff his cr. fierce not dat dere DORRYA though…

VS Jin:

  • When you get a knockdown, watch for wake up mental awareness punch thingy. You can bait it and then punish it really hard. Also go for throws since it loses to them
  • If he is attempting a x up, DO NOT try to walk away from him and press jab to AA him. His Jump RH hit box is huge and you will get messed up for trying it
  • You have the better normals, so Nina beats Jin on the ground. He has better pressure though…

I noticed not to recently that st.MK was a decent AA tool. It trades alot with Kazuya’s j.HK. Mishimas with that j.HK all 3 of them have that ridiculous normal. I think Sim gives Nina a shit ton of problems, might be match up inexperienced but I got steam rolled by a sim. Forced me to play Hwoarang unless he switched lol.

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Feel like one of her worst matchup is Abel. The other is Dhalsim.

He beats her in the footsie game. He has real good counter pokes.
His st. Lp and mp have good priority over her. She cant really start offense

Not having the life lead is tough for her knowing he can sit there. With good counter pokes, An anti air thats good enough to knock nina out the sky and he can sit on a shoulder charge. which is negative on block but getting hit by it is the last thing you wanna do. He has good oki pressure as well.
The MU comes down to good reads on blocking abel mixups. Being a risk taker is his downfall because Nina has the damage output to keep up with him. Abel is not a character you come across often but if you do run into one that knows what hes doing try to avoid that MU as much as possible lol.

Chun and Julia are others that can space better than nina also. Marduk and Zangief are headaches as well.

agree 100%

Yea playing Ryan Hunter’s Julia, the footsie battle with Julia is something you don’t want to test.Abel a bad match up huh? I haven’t really ran into any Abel players. Nina seems to be in a middle ground of beats characters who she can out footsie, but can’t out footsie characters with better normals than her (Chun,Julia,Zangief).Nina imo is like a mix bag of top tier goodness (footsies,pressure,damage,mix ups) but has the look of low tier under used character(can’t take advantage of the boost combo system,no gtfo move). But she is great in my book.

I found Nina’s ex geyser to be a great gtfo me move, but it’s going to be significantly unsafe on block come the patch. The Dhalsim matchup is by far the worst for me, but that’s with any character I play. I just hate how lame and cheap he can be in this game. The screens zoom out huge and the stages are huge so he can just run away and waste time all day. Adding to this he has his super fast air overhead which he can do from halfway across the screen and switch cancel combo off of. I need to figure out some anti-Dhalsim tech.

Agree but the Dhalsim is not the worst just for you. Honestly that can be her only 7-3 imo. The tag cancel with his instant overhead is being nerfed in 2013, but yea I feel your pain on it. As far as tech is concerned there isnt really much you can do. Her cr. MP buffered into skull splitter or command dash is probably her best way of getting in. And even that isnt safe because dhalsim can just bait it and go for whiff punish…

Its a terrible matchup for many tekken characters in general.