No info on this comic

Is it possible that the internet doesnt have info on everything? Does anyone know anything about this comic? Other than it’s “special edition” or “cover c”… like if it came with a product or if it was given away at show. This comic is driving me crazy.

3rd entry

Unfortunately, they just copied and pasted the description for the regular version.

The description is accurate though. It’s copied and pasted because the interior of the comic book is exactly the same. It’s an alternate cover AKA a variant cover. If you ever go to a comic book store go to the Marvel section. You’ll see like 5 or more covers for each new comic these days.

But how was it distributed? It wasnt sold in a comic book store. It says “Not for sale” which means it was a promotional item. What was the promotion? Why can i only track down 4 copies other than mine?

I honestly don’t remember. It may have been a comic cook convention exclusive. Which means if you didn’t get it at that particular convention, that’s it. Even if it’s just a regular variant cover that’s out of stock, best you can do is hit up Ebay and see if anyone will part with their copy.

It was definitely for sale though. The only time Udon gives out free comics is on Free Comic Book Day and that’s not one of those. Internet info on old comics is spotty at best.

Beyond that, you might want to ask Udon on Twitter about the issue directly.