No Honor Crew is Alive and Hostile! -SF2 clan-

Two new members has joined our army, djfrijoles and Halfro, we kick ass with passion, we have no honor and we don’t care about it, tick throws, spamming, loops, counterpick, whatever is possible in the game we exploit it against our adversary, we are stronger than ever!.

If some of you haven’t joined NHC facebook page this is your chance, since srk deleted the group feature.

In our facebook page you’ll find out polls, discussions, ggs messages, matchmaking, tourneys, wall posts and of course videos!

Do you think you actually have skills if your just exploiting the game?

I play for fun only. And stop jocking my style, bro.

@ the 2:nd post

… Hahahahahah!

For the sake of you. Just stop posting and go back to super 4 , please.

yes!, yes! we love it!, tick throw you to death, or safe jump on you and tick throw you again, and again and again til the last drop of your life!, it’s good too see someone trying to escape from a loop :wink:

Member since… 2011. Ok, that makes more sense.

I issue a challenge to all the shoto players of the no honor crew. We will have a gentlemen’s test of wills. I will use o ryu against you all. We shall play in a race to reach 10 wins. Seeing as this will be a gentlemen’s contest, we will not be throwing any types of projectiles. We must play using a mic so that we can verbally talk to each other. Tick throws will be allowed, but only after we announce it no sooner then 2 full British seconds in advanced. The challenge has been issued. Defend your pride and honor scoundrels.

I noticed that the minute he posted. I had even written the whole sarcastic post about it, but ended up giving in so as to not screw the thread even more. These things are just doomed to derail, but at least we are lucky there are no turbo/autofire advocates, like in some other forums.

I, personally, do not see much of a reason for a guild or the like when it comes to fighting games.

Edit: I accept your challenge, Paper, but you can’t use option selects. You also gotta return the throw back if you sac-throw when I am not willing to tick!

we can record theses matches, that will be fun as hell!, no throws at all, no fireballs spam.

Sometimes I cry at night because of how bad my cheapness with tic-throws and shenanigans has gotten…

I should really be trying to join this crew (because i play MEAN), its just that i kind of wanted to join AOD, but there leader has retired…

The leader of NHC is retired too or at least is what i guess about him.

MisterEgoTrip is not longer playing as far as i know, so we(dbostick, philcito, jigglynorris, irondd, hop vo etc etc etc) and others we keep the clan alive, so, join us :slight_smile: we play on PSN, XBL and GGPO, you can request to join the clan on facebook too :slight_smile:

ooh you need to prove us that you’re dirty enough to join the clan, challenge someone from the crew. :wink: