No Honor Crew is Alive and Hostile! -SF2 clan-

Two new members has joined our army, djfrijoles and Halfro, we kick ass with passion, we have no honor and we don’t care about it, tick throws, spamming, loops, counterpick, whatever is possible in the game we exploit it against our adversary, we are stronger than ever!.

If some of you haven’t joined NHC facebook page this is your chance, since srk deleted the group feature.

In our facebook page you’ll find out polls, discussions, ggs messages, matchmaking, tourneys, wall posts and of course videos!

Stupidest shit ever.

your momma

I ain’t got a gaybook account, but count me in. I had a really good laugh reading that.

zounds, how dastardly!

So you are proud of counterpicking in order to win, and always relying on the cheese instead of skill?

That my friend is kind of sad.

we love you too :wink:

this is the kind of reaction we love to see:

No Honor Crew is Alive and Hostile! -SF2 clan- HDR forums xD

lol that’s the idea!, we hope to see you soon on fb! :stuck_out_tongue:

check this out wolmar! xD

I’m not going to make fun of you my friend, but that “we kick ass with passion” part really made me laugh.

But talking from a neutral point of view, i think that players that rely on ticks, loops, counterpicks and such, never get to that top level of play. I say this because no good player is ever going to be held in this traps for too long. I’ve seen guys that can reverse against tick throws 9 out of 10 times, and beat any character you use against them without counterpicking.

I guess this is the reason why a Vega player winning a tournament doing wall dive spams is never going to be as impressive or rewarding as someone winning it by displaying better reflexes and solid gameplay.

Just my 2 cents.

Well, Ken is played that way. There are these legends that going for the throw or SRK is dumb, and aerial RH cr.RH is a too simple combo, but those are actually good options for him. It is hard to deal with walk-up SRK, throw, bait or cr.forward. Ken’s Jap SRK does as much damage and Ryu’s Fierce, that’s huge for a normal baited and stuffed. I have also seen top players mostly lock very good but not top notch players with throws from - mostly - outside their range (say, Dictator vs Guile). And against tops they use it a few times. And they do not screw that. They can also stuff reversal throw attempts (1 2), so even trying to escape is risky.

As for Tatsu being a good move, Muteki disagrees:

woow twins!!, xD

thank you for your time.

I disagree.


I half agree with this statement. I can certainly appreciate a player for their ability to execute hard combos consistently, or have good anticipation and reaction. I love watching close matches where a well placed yomi shoryu could end the match. But I also also respect someone’s ability to set up a loop, and keep their opponent from guessing correctly. Keeping a loop going takes more than just luck, you need to be able to read your opponent. Granted charge characters have a harder time, but if you try to tick throw Ken all day, he will light you on fire. So you anticipate that. Walk up, block, watch him shoot up in the air, then punish.

No honor huh? my kinda crew!

I issue a challenge to all the shoto players of the no honor crew. We will have a gentlemen’s test of wills. I will use o ryu against you all. We shall play in a race to reach 10 wins. Seeing as this will be a gentlemens contest, we will not be throwing any types of projectiles. We must play using teamspeak so that we can verbally talk to each other. Tick throws will be allowed, but only after we announce it no sooner then 2 full British seconds in advanced. The challenge has been issued. Defend your pride and honor scoundrels.

“wtf man? no tick-throws.”

“sorry, i was trying to combo.”

“wtf man? no projectiles.”

“sorry, i was trying to srk.”

thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

p.s. For everyone that is taking the title of the group too seriously: Lighten up?

i don’t think they realize that the clan is some kind of joke lol… the funny thing is that the same reaction(giving two cents and another opinion above) comes from the same person with diffente users.(dont pay attention i’m talking to myself):rofl:

You can challenge some of the NHC members anytime you want, some top players egotrip, djfrijoles, EST_1991, Hop Vo aka Hadouken696969, thelo, djreign, rugalberstein, mars, Afrolegends(if i’m not wrong), rice247, etc etc lol

bottom line, we create reactions and that’s one of our goals.

no honor at all!, you can join us :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL you got it man!.. and please don’t use c.jab into spd, you have no skills!, you have no honor!

thanks to you! :slight_smile:

And RoyalPhlush is now part of NHC, welcome to NHC!

I’ll beat all you flags with my cheap ass, dishonorable character.

jumping jab