No Forum Game No Life - Sign Up Thread

Hello and welcome to the No Forum Game No Life Sign-Up Thread!

This game will be unlike any other SRK forum game before it. It is a quest for supreme reign over the majority of the world and the races it holds, all decided by wagers made in games.

Basic Forum Game Rules

Editing is completely allowed.

PMs between players ARE NOT allowed unless you are placed into a PM by either ForgeDigger or RadicalFuzz. If a player adds you into a PM please report it to either of us.

“Metagame” bets, such as offering to delete your Shoryuken account if condition X happens, are not allowed.

How the Game Works

In this game, there are 4 races, each with their own nations and rulers: Human, Elf, Warbeast, & Flugel. 16 players will be divided evenly into these races, and one person from each race will be the representative of that race. Each nation will also be given a set number of territories that is under their rule, as well as a race piece that represents their nation as a whole (or, in other words, everything that nation stands for: its people and its land).

The goal of the game is to achieve world supremacy. There are several ways to do this. A victory can be achieved in 3 ways: by population, by race piece, and by territory.

How would you achieve these goals, you may ask? That’s where the fun part comes in. Each representative will gamble their race’s possessions in pursuit of getting something in return. They will do this by challenging other races to one of any of the games listed in the Game List, which will be revealed at the start of the game. These games will be monitored and administered by the GMs (@ForgeDigger and @RadicalFuzz) and will be updated in the game thread.

The game is over once either a race achieves a victory, or the game times out and the GMs win. The game will time out after a challenge has not be submitted for 24 hours.

Games and Wagers

Wagers:[details=Spoiler]The challenger will present what they want to be the terms of the game.

If the challenged doesn’t like that wager, they can change it to something they find more suitable.

The challenger may change it again if they do not find it acceptable.

If the challenged doesn’t like that wager, the GMs will intervene and facilitate the terms in a one-for-one fashion. In other words, X territories/people will be bet X territories/people on the other side[/details]

Denies:[details=Spoiler]If a challenged race doesn’t wish to play a game, they may deny the challenger entirely and the game is off. This may only be done when the wager is made and can be done any number of times.[/details]

TBA at the start of the game.

In addition to a list of games to choose from, each race has a signature game which only they can pick. These will remain secret until chosen.[/details]

Note: Most games will be played via screencaps in PMs. For example, we would create a picture of a fully stocked Chess board and modify it for every move.


If a player is wagered and is transferred to another country, they will leave any PMs they were previously in and will then be allowed to join in their new ruler’s PM.


Each nation will be given a set amount of territories based on the map below:


There are 23 territories in total. Most nations have 6 territories, but 1 of the 4 will have only 5. Each race’s nation is represented by a color, and which color coincides with which race will be revealed at the start of the game.

Representatives are free to name not only their kingdom, but also their individual territories at the start of the game. This will simplify the betting process by, for example, turning “I bet you my eastern-most territory” into “I bet you my Bonerland.”


There are 4 races in this game: Humans, Elves, Warbeasts, and Flugels. Humans possess no aptitude for magic whatsoever, Warbeasts have incredible strength, Flugels are angels of war, and the Elves are the most magically adept. Each race has dominion over a nation, which will include 4 people and 6 (or 5) territories. Additionally, one person from each nation will be an emissary which will make all decisions for that race, including but not limited to: what (or who) will be wagered, what game will be played, what to name their kingdom and territories, and so on. The representative will be chosen randomly at the beginning of the game, but can be changed by unanimous vote at any point.

Each race will also have a “race piece” that will represent their nation as a whole, which includes all territory and people under their control.

Each nation has completely unrestricted rights to communication within itself, so long as that communication is monitored by the GMs. This also allows for a representative’s people to assist them in a game.

Winning the Game

There are 3 ways to win the game for your race:

[*]Victory by population – A race will win if they control 75% of the total population. (12/16 players)

[*]Victory by race piece – A race will win if they control 75% of the race pieces. (¾ pieces) Note: completely overtaking a race’s people and territory does not mean that you will get the race piece. A representative in this situation can still gamble their race piece, but the territory and people will still remain under their rightful “rulers”.

[*]Victory by territory – A race will win if they control 60% of the world’s territories. (14/23 territories)


Simply winning doesn’t end the game, however. The winning race will get the opportunity to challenge the GMs. The race has already won, however, so if they choose not to challenge the GMs the game will end normally. If the winning race chooses to challenge the GMs that race picks the game. Each member of the race is allowed to confer with their representative, as usual, and the game will be run by a third party, either from a losing race or outside the game entirely. If the GMs win the game, the forum game ends. If the race wins, the representative of that race is given the title of “One True GM.”

With all that out of the way, the sign-ups for the game are now open!

Registered Players:
]Tekno Virus
[]Pimp Willy
[]Missing Person


First. Not that I knew when it was going up, of course, but first.

Real 1st

Im in. Now im going to go back and read what this game is

Schizophrenic confirmed.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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JIBRIL IS MY WAIFU!!! (Count me in)

This sounds like a lot of fun. Obviously there is more to it than appears, the inclusions of race magic etc. belie that. It is also likely that the territory with 5 countries has a special ability, perhaps 2 race pieces.

The only hangup I have with this game is the way the wagers are resolved. Trying to play a chess game via screen-caps would be hellish both for the participants and GM’s alike.

The rule about bartering race pieces I am also torn on. On the one hand it gives a dying race one last holdout should they cede too much land, but on the other hand it means that diplomacy is pretty much out of the question.

On that note, must all disputes be settled via wagers? Could two diplomats reach a truce / offer to trade land in exchange for a boost in population?

Hold up, Syn brings up a good point. If one team has a bunch of land and shit and the other only has their race piece, then the latter team wins a race piece bet, does that mean the latter team gets all that land and shit? If so, that’s such a stupid clutch mechanic.

Shaddup Turk.

Wagering a race piece is supposed to be considered going “all in.” In any other game, if someone goes all in, a call to that would be something of equal value.

In the situation you describe, it should be that the larger nation bets something of equal value to the endangered nation’s “all in,” which at that point only includes the representative himself. Therefore, the bet should only be larger nation’s representative wagered for the smaller nation’s race piece (which represents its own emissary).

That way, it would still work out in the following situation:
The Humans currently have 3 territories and 2 people (including the representative). (5 things total)
The Elves currently have 1 territory and 2 people (including the representative). (3 things total)
The Humans challenge the Elves for their race piece (which represents 1 territory, 1 citizen, and 1 representative). They can only do this by wagering their own representative, and some combination of 2 territories/people.
The Elves, however, can only challenge the Humans for their race piece in exchange for their own. If the Humans don’t like it, they can change the terms.

Does this fix the problem? If so, I will change the rules to reflect this concept of race pieces being equivalent to going all in.

I have to say no. A trade wouldn’t be in the spirit of the game.

this would be interesting, and I’d be more inclined to say yes if there were more specifics as to what the games are played to win the wagers

you gave chess as an example, but what else is there? god forbid someone pick some stupid game with netplay hahhaha

I’m a white man in China. I’m minority by default, thus losing.

If there was a game that would take a long time if played via screencaps both representatives could arrange to be online at similar times. And if not, no biggie, there’s no time limit aside from some game actions.

The games are purposely going to be kept secret until the actual game starts, sorry. They’re going to be in the spirit of chess in that it can be played fairly easily and remotely over the Internet if both players have different schedules.

I propose a game a mafia as one of the games.


sign me up, might as well put all this wasted time to something

I should have known that this would be the game after seeing Fuzz’s av.

Sora AV is best AV

By the way guys, this is based on an anime. I’d highly recommend watching it.