No fighting game anime?

Not on some street fighter v shit. I am talking like some yugioh street fighter shit. Why not? It is honestly a fantastic idea. Every idea can be exaggerated, the fight scenes don’t have to be fighting games, but just someone on an arcade machine showing an anime fight, while commentators go “0 FRAME LINKO” with exaggerated shit.

Money matches would be the best though, with people in the crowd giving thier analasys on the match anime style. “What no, he can’t be going for that*”***

Discuss old lgends, Mike Jackson, Domo Nohira, Deaf Jaefer, and how they detroyed the comp.

Hell, through in X-factor as the classic anime power that the main character and the villain only possess, as they progress, they learn how to surpass the limits, to level three. Arcade scene is more important than life and people make the Evo Circuit and shit.

LOL, I’ve been thinking of the exact same thing. It could be like a mix between yugioh, hikaru no go, and hajime no ippo, but with fighting games as the focal point. Hopefully if it takes any similarities from yugioh its how they can solve all of life’s problems with games. That would be fun to watch.

Dustin Long is the main villain

Diego goes devil Diego when he switches to Xun. Season 2 arc.

I wanna talk some flash animators into doing this though, who be a pretty godlike watch.

Isn’t that how we already do things? “Your mom sucks pussy!” “Ft10 me bitch.”

then there’d be a fighting game based on the anime

I LOVED Street Fighter II V!

It took a few liberties with things in the universe it changed, but it was otherwise a kickass show.

I’d rather it was funded by an American studio at that.

Japanese have their own lingo, and let’s be honest: it would have too much boob fanservice.
I mean, who would watch that?

(may or may not be sarcastic)

honestly, this would be sick. main character should be a scrub who learns the value of hard work and friendship as he eventually becomes a badass top player with super powers.

After reading the original post, I really want this to go down.

Main character should be bare minimum of characters.
No type of reactions
Is stupid as hell when it comes to this FG
Has horrible execution.

And yea david kong, all top players in the anime should be badass. Well, except for th eone that talks the most shit.

I’m a story writer write now, and i just gave myself a godlike idea. Hope i could find some artists to get on it whenever i am finished writing it.

something like that would be better without any reference to real people at all. Otherwise it follows though,

From a very short search, I found multiple CCG based anime, multiple Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball, American Football (which surprises me, I wonder how the play by play on that goes), track, boxing, shogi (chinese chess), go, mah jonng, that weird game where you guess the endings of poems, Tops (?!?), I’m honestly shocked there hasn’t been a competitive arcade game version yet, it seems perfect.

Edit: Them adding action lines to somebody putting down a go pebble is hilarious, by the way.

I honestly think western animators should stay away from it though, it doesn’t really fit what the west does well (The west, for the record, does things like Adventure Time and *Venture Brothers *well). Leave it to the people that just looove them some animated sports dramas.


I could’ve sworn we had a thread for anime discussion.