"NO DELAY" playstation encoder works with converters?

anyone use this? works with xbox360 and dreamcast converter? confirm please so I can order. $19 is really good deal and I already have converters. also can I buy the playstation/ps3 locally? no idea how it long it takes to here(I am in NY) from china!

i have the PCB in one of my sticks, sadly I don’t have any converters right now to test
I’ll try checking with a friend that might have an 360 adapter and test it out

A number of modders claim the PCB is fine, I never used it though.

Keep in mind it ships from china so you not see it for several weeks.

there is an American seller on ebay too, it’s where I got mine from

the one from american seller from florida(bsa_gaming) DOES work laugh’s ps2toxbox360 converter.

all I did was plug in the ps3 usb cable(lol?) in one of the xbox360 ports and it draws power from it or something. so ps2 cable goes to xbox360 converter and usb cable on another port to make it work. I am kind of ass at sf4 but I am able to do the basic combo. ASSUMING there is no lag here. was able to do bison down jab jab stand short > low forward > crusher. next time I bring this table at the arcade I will have some “sf4 players” test it too.

ps2 works perfect.