No claws allowed at Evo?

I watched the entire stream, and did not see one vega at all. I think I even saw a dan once. Anyone else disappointed at the lack of vega’s at evo?

Sounds like Tatsujinken and Bebop both made the Semi-Finals, Tatsu coming from a very strong pool, but whether they used Claw or not I don’t know. videos will tell us that hopefully (or tatsu and bebop themselves)

I heard there was a Claw who, after he lost one match, switched to Akuma.

SF4 is a game of matchups and it’s harder to win with a low tier character in this game than the other games due to the slower pace.

In SSF2T you could win because everyone did a ton of damage so you didn’t need to capitalize on that many mistakes.

I was disappointed not to see any Vega. Maybe next year I’ll go to Evo and beat Daigo’s Ryu with my Vega. Yay!

It is true, Tatsu and I both made it into Semi’s.

Tatsu was in pool 4, with valle and gootecks.

I was in pool 12, with somuchdamage, fubarduck, keno, and dr. chaos.

Tatsu lost to Valle first round of semi’s, then to a SD ryu player afterwards in losers.

I lost to a Gief player first round of semi’s because the stick I was using malfunctioned.

Needless to say, we were both very dissapointed.

I used Vega twice during this tournament. Once to beat an Abel/Rufus player named “Havok” in pool 12, and later against the random Gief player in semi’s.

Tatsu repped claw the whole way.

I saw a few Vega players here and there. Nothing special though. :shrug:

Nvm, Bebop just explained it all lol.

Good to see you guys stuck with Vega. Sorry to hear about the broken stick, shitsux : /

I heard a lot of people got gayed out by stick disconnects and start button issues.

Good job representing our matador. I just wish I could’ve seen the matches myself!

We’re all still proud of you, Bebop and Tatsu for doing as well as you did with Vega. Who else did you use? I thought if like… Between matches, you could say something to the judges and if they could clearly see something was wrong with your stick, then they would do something for you.

Next year when I make the trip, I’m going to make sure to put some new parts in my arcade stick right before EVO and inspect if after using it every day. Quick disconnects and stuff like that do come loose. Getting peaced out do to hardware or something like that is one of the worst things that could happen.

Do you think you or Tatsu’s matches will end up on the EVO dvd…thing at all?

has the vega dream died? tune in next time and find out…

Nah its never over. I’m there next year. No matter what. with Vega. :slight_smile:

Dreadz, the Vega dream NEVER ends!
I’ll rep Vega next year! I hit the arcades today, and owned face, which I didn’t expect to do.
It’s mostly due to Sasaki’s post in teh vid thread; it reminded me of all the mixup I used to do, which I stopped because I’ve been so busy working on my footsie. At the arcades, I did both, and it was beautiful. =)
Good shit Bebop and Tatsu. Here’s hoping Tatsu reps Vega another year for Evo '10.

ya man count me in for next year as well, I’ve already started making plans! Vega for life!

we have one year to build hype, time to make some vids

yeah the combination of footsies and post-izuna drop okizeme is amazing, i pretty much rely on izuna drops for momentum right now (only using EX out of combos of course), just trying so hard to never use Barcelona when people expect it. the other day I actually hit someone with a non-ex sky high claw, it was a 35k GP sagat lol

Do you like the Claw v Gief matchup more than the Bison v Gief matchup?

Bebop, do you know if any of your or Tatsu’s matches got recorded?