nMo ShoryuKen OCT 2nd 2010 Maywood , NJ SSF4 /KOTCnation.com/nmowner.webs

Saturday Dawn Of Fight Street fighter 4 With KOTC and NMO
(Near Giant stadium Rt 17)

OCT 2nd at 12:30pm

87 Route 17 North
Maywood, NJ 07607

Created By Alex Elmera

More Info SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 Nj Championships 2010 KOTC

                     [KOTC l Madden 11 Tournaments, Halo Tournaments, etc.](http://www.kotcnation.com/)


87 Route 17 North
Maywood, NJ 07607


Directions V17
for directions


System is xbox 360

we have two ps2 to xbox 360 converters and thats all i will provide for now.


Wensday Sept 22nd 2010

Warm ups 11:00 ( or when ever we set up)

target start time 12:00 pm

Tournament Fee: $10

Venue fee: $10 (FOR NJHALO)

xbox 360 is the console that njhalo will be using

Tournament Rules and Scheduling
?Super Street Fighter IV
?2/3 Rounds
?2/3 Matches, 3/5 Grand Finals
?Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
?Double Elimination
?Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
?All stages and characters are legal
?All matches played at default health and handicap
?1st ? 70%
?2nd ? 20%
?3rd ? 10%

If 50 player show up 10 bucks per person 500 bucks

the prize break down is

350 1st 70%

100 2nd 20%

50 3rd 10%

understand this can be more if we have a larger turn out.

any questions contact me on


or nmowner.webs.com

Bring you own stick and or controllers

Please RSVP
visit A Member Of GameStops KOTC Nation

and new mugen orders web site

college students from kean, rutger and local schools come down ad throw down. this is one of 3 events.

Champion is pending Until we have a winner from Sept 22nd event

Please IM me if you have any questions

We are filming this event so be ready

ill be there. who wants to team up for 3v3s

see you there bro

is this still on oct 2

yes this is still going down on the 2nd.

visit nmowner.webs.com

and kotcnation.com

I can’t wait

Good Comp, good food, nMo, what more can you ask for.

Allis Fighter is rollin through also, big Up’s to supersonic9

if you come down to the event you hae a chance to go to comicon NYC 2010 with nMo tV. e-mail alexlexus for details as passes are limited.

or join the nmo website.

AIM: alexlexus18

Might make it someone has to rep staten island in ssfiv tournies

there is a chance to win one of our nmo press passes to play mvc3 at comicon 2010. i wont say how but come down and play , do well and you will find out.

he hee hee

Ill be there dude. I wanna do 3vs3 teams. Anyone want me? :lol:


Heres my channel I got a bunch of matches. If you are interested in having me on your team and wanna know where my skills are at.

Edit: Gonna post new matches in about 20 mins.

Yeah savy, don’t see many players from The Island, so you need to come and represent.

I heard there will be a random winner picked to get a pass at comicon, damn that’s what’s up. Big up’s

reminder we are doing teams and singles

each have there own fees

$20 For singles
($10 venue and $10 for the pot )

$30 per team ( $15 venue $ 15 for the pot)

Basically on a team one person would pay 5 for pot and 5 for venue
just to clear up the confusion.

if you have questions hit me on aim.

we got the press passes for comicon so show up and battle details at the event. nmotivation


Yeah Should of came it was good MarlinPie, but we did 2 on 2 teams and those winners wont the passes to comicon.