Nj players come on down!

Hey guys I am a jersey native and just had my first real tournament in denville new jersey. I’m sure you saw when sanford thrashed me lol (dude is an animal). Anyway going to that event made me wanna go to more, but I figured wanna start a new scene, I will be making a strong effort to start having sf4 tournies in a place in passaic called elecxperts. They have a site www.elecxperts.com, but I’m making this thread because I wanted to know if any jersey or even ny people would be interested in this type of thing. If this goes well we can do other games eventually as well, the prizes will be money in the range of 60-30-10% or 70-20-10%. Money matches are welcome as well, if anyone could also give me tips as to how a tourney should be ran properly please let me know. Have a good one guys we need more jersey spots so we can all level up!!!

I live in south jersey. I find most stuff held in NJ are up north. I’m probably better off going to Philly. But please let me know if anything happens down south.

I’m shoving your thread over to the Atlantic North discussion board. Please keep this stuff either over there or in the Tournaments and Events board when you’ve pulled your tournament together. Not in the SF4 board. Thanks.