NiVeK comes back with a 2vs2 mini tournament!

hello again guys…today we played a non money tournament(4 teams) between us and here is the games…its from a stream…so if u want only dhalsim i will post the time of me playing exactly…but i think they are great matches…i suggest u see all of them…so…

part 1: me at 29:00
part 2: me at 7:37
finals :

i wait for your comments…cyaaaaa

nivek, you should come to evo next year and make a name for yourself! you’re playing more defensive this time, didnt teleport a lot compared to your last videos! man, that ryu (ace) didnt stand a chance lol. great vids nivek, keep em coming!

Dude, awesome stuff. Liked the taunt bait and the high teleports to catch whiffs. Smart solid play all around. You used aerial mk when appropriate, I never seem to remember to use that move.

sickkk dhalsim. u straight poop on kids with him. go evo next year, ull prob end up in the top somewhere.

thanks veryyyyy much guys…i will think about it…i will play also tekken6 :P(so 2in1 haha)
more games with the ace ryu…:

EDIT:if u like it i will post the times that is live the stream,to watch me live…post on the chat etc!!

me vs lollicom(chiun/sagat)
vs lolli i was very anxious…that why soooooooo many jumps!!

Nivek, that right there is a muhfucking DIRTY Dhalsim!!!

Some of the most inventive stuff I’ve ever seen from a Sim player.

We need to see you against tougher competition – I’m thinking you’re in a league of your own in Greece.