Nintendo DSi fighting games?

Im thinking fo getting a DSi but cant find any decent Street Fighter type fighting games for it, im shocked there isnt a Street Fighter already for the Ds!!

Can anyone suggest a good fighter which prefereably has 2 player?


That second link is a total joke! So no SF for DS, that sucks. Guess Il have to get a Snes emulator and load up SSF2 Turbo

Screw the SNES emus, get the NeoGeo emu. It works suprisingly well.

ST was never made for DS. You could get ST Revival for Gameboy Advance and play it on your DS though. You might say: “Yeah, but that game only has four buttons!” Well yeah, but you’re playing a fighting game on DS. Screw fighting games on DS! Get a good puzzler or adventure game or something.

The NeoGeo DS emu looks really cool :slight_smile: But the NeoGeo didnt have any SF game on it, other than the Capcom Vs series

The Bleach DS games.

Jump Superstars and Jump Ultimate Stars too, but iirc they’re not traditional fighters.

UMK DS, duh

this. lol

garou and MS3 run at a, playable, but slow framerate. :frowning: And Neoturf Masters some stages the layers continually scroll making it look like you’re turning constantly.

Dragon Ball Z: Super sonic Warriors 2 isn’t too much of a deep fighter, but It’s quite fun
There are some Naruto fighting games as well
There’s a GG game for the DS, but I don’t think It’s actually a fighter

the Naruto games are based off the Clash of the Ninja series, but toned down considerably.

The GG game is a poor mans Jump Superstars but it is fun for what it is. Is based off Isuka i believe.

I use SNEmulDS to play SF2:Turbo on it. Works well except the sound is glitchy. sometimes it repeats parts of sounds so like “HADOUHADOUKEN” SHORYUKENKEN"

The Bleach DS games are the best on the DS.

Nope. Isuka is played on two planes, fore-and background. Dust Strikers is on platforms, kinda like Smash. It sucks. I actually bought it, played for 2 minuts, then returned it immediately.

Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 is like a 2D rendition of the Psychic Force games

I dunno about that.

Psychic Force 2021 was thunderously mediocre. Unless that’s what you mean to imply. Of course, I’m not exactly giving props to DBZ SW, either…

i meant you fucking flew around, melee a bit and shoot fireballs & shit

Oh, well than yeah. =)

Another vote for the 2 Bleach games on the DS.

I think they are called “Blade Of Fate” and “Dark Souls”, since I know a Bleach RPG got released recently for DS.