Ninja's 3S Sprite Request Thread

I will take some Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Sprite Rips requests. PLEASE do not pile me up. If you dont get your sprite right away, it means I might be busy.

Oh i want a Jill sprite!!! i dont care if its mvc2… do it damn it… i want the singal flare one…

:confused: ok…single flare?

Can I get a dudley sprite?

Sure man, I’ll Post it up in a bit.

OOO OOOO OOO!!! UMMMM, Elena dude, like anything.

hey Monkey Spank, I dont remember where i got this Dudley sprite but, It was in very bad quality and I did some edits and it turned out to look perfect to me. I dont remember if I ripped it or if i got it somewhere. Well, I hope it’s what you wanted.

lol never mind…

anyway… just wondering how is sprite ripping supposly done?

i’ll need to rip that tomorrow. I have NONE of her sprites on my cpu. Dont worry though, I’ll take care of that part.:smiley:

By someone else.


How are you doing these? I’m guessing via capture card with S-video output (unless you got a card that supports a scart cable, which is very rare).

What resolution are you taking these in? I ask the second question because when I looked at the Dudley sprite upclose, it looked horrible (as in an s-load of colors, not pixel perfect). Are you resizing these from a certain resolution, making it mess up like that? I believe SF3’s resolution is 320x240 like CvS (Zero/DS is wider) as a SF3 shot looks fine in the 640x480 resolution (just like CvS).

As for a reuest…give me a Q (taunt) and Remy (regular stance) shot UNALTERED (regular resolution it was shot in, BMP format) so I can take a look at it.

Haha. Let’s see the goods now.

VX, you live in NYC? Where in NYC? I’m there most everyday!


it’s still pretty messy

I live in Harlem, around the 120s. I can hardly leave this area though because I never have any subway fare. Haven’t been to CTF in like 2 months. :frowning:

If you can really do this… a sprite rip of Ibuki doing her QCB+K attack when the kick is out would rock.

I know the feeling.

I’ve wanted to head back to CTF myself, but I’ve grown weary of most everyone playing Chaos.

Ah well. If you ever feel like meeting up and all that drop me a line.


And CPS3 STILL hasn’t been emulated? Jeez I don’t care if it plays at 2 frames per second, we can still rip the sprites.

Are there any DC emulators? Or at least a program that can read the files on the DC disc and convert them to bmp or something?


I’ve explained many times (on other forums) why it would be near impossible to emulate the CPS3:

In order for a CPS3 game to run, it takes a combination of the CD (the actual game contents itself) and the cart (security, checking for backup and counterfeit CDs) . One cannot run/play without the other. So, you would have to have an emulator that can run both a rom file and an ISO image at the same time (simultaneously). Also, you’d have to somehow bypass the CPS3 battery suicide (this happens when the hardware is tampered with, when the motherboard fries, brownsout, voltage spike, etc ).

The CPS3 “roms” that you see around the net are only the CD images. They’re useless as you cannot see any info/pics/sprites/etc from them (it is possible to get music though. Dunno how).


Icarus hasn’t been updated/worked on in a long time. Don’t expect a DC emu for quite awhile. Emulating consoles and shit isn’t a piece of cake.


There isn’t a special program to see the content of the data files that are in DC games. When I compared the DC files of CvS2 to the XBox version, they were basically set up the same way (sprites, backgrounds, etc in BIN or TIM2 format, amoung others). For the BIN files, I had a friend check them out using various game CD ripping programs. As expected, nothing useful could be found.

Since the DC and Sega-Naomi are very similar, we might see the latter emulated as well.

Just wait.

i still want to finish admiral’s av so can you rip an ibuki sprite, oh and can you rip a ken or sean sprite. <-----------any out of thoes three

I will not rip a “FEW”, I will not rip “SOME”, I will not rip a “Couple”, I will only rip “ONE”.