Ninja Productions

This is an avatar, sig request thread. If you need help with HTML, CSS, Java, etc., I’ll try to help as much as I can.


hit me up on AIM: xxhadokenkingxx

i can teach u some shit with HTML and JAVA (programming, not website, which is java script… two different things)

if u want… make me a banner for my website…

something the way it is… random character you want…

MvC2, Vampire Savior, Hyper Fighting, Tekken Tag, Third Strike, Second Impact, XmenVsSF, Vampire Savior 2, Last Blade 2, CyberBots

those are the games that i play, so u can put peeps from any of those if u choose, or some ddr shit… w/e… s’all good thanks

EDIT: if you do decide to make the banner…
my fave peeps…

MvC2: Magnus, Servbot, Storm, Psylocke, Blackheart
VS: felicia, queen bee, morrigan, sasquatch, lei lei
SF: guile, charlie, ken, vega (bison in states), chun li
Last Blade: zantetsu

i’d prefer no sprites, thanks