Nike Shoe Templates *PS Fun!*

i got those new Bob Villa’s son!!!1

i didn’t make these

ok, now you know we can up with some really good shyt for this!

here’s the templates

you need atleast Photoshop 7 - CS3 and WinRAR to get the files. just extract the templates to a seperate folder.

i’m currently trying something now…

[Stinkmeaner from Boondocks]
Hold up
I smell new shoes!
steps on Shatta’s new sneakers

:wonder: This looks like it could be fun. :rofl: I could see a “I’m a total douche” shoe line being made. But um… I didnt even know CS3 was even out. I’ll have to wait till I get it, I’m still on CS2… dood.

Those Bob Villa’s are HOT.

I’d wear them

DAMN IF ONLY REAL =[ ID COP LIKE 400000000 pairs hahaha

currently working on a chun lovin

good ish shatta im gunna try and rep u :tup:

u dont need CS3 dood. it works in CS2. i just happen to have both.

ok, couldn’t see that on my phone, lol.

anyway…i’m stomped…

more work from others:

i can see HATEFUL SMURF wearin’ these…

this one kinda sux


negro edit:

all i got was, "to put the pics into the layers just Ctrl+Alt+G

Marvin Gaye - I Want You FTW

Amazingly good job.Wish the Nike people were as innovative as you.

lol, i didnt make any of those…but i did make this one…

and i too think they’re phugly. :sad: now i gotta figure out how to get rid of those white lines…

negro edit:

son of fuckin monkey…

i just dont like the text and where the put it…

Can’t stop wont stop…
Yes, I love it!!!

(Where is Joe Scudda’s white ass?)

Can someone make me one Sent or cable?

how do you work these? so far I havent figured anything out yet.

the main things you need to know is to keep your colors in HSB and to Ctrl+Alt+G when you want to place a pic onto the shoe.

there’s a small tutorial in the link below the shoe i worked on.

cant figure how to fill with an image


open whatever pic you want to use.

drag the pic over to the shoe template

pick which part of the shoe that you want the pic to be placed and then Ctrl+Alt+G.

it should look somethin like this.

keep duplicating the pic so you dont have to keep dragin it over and worrying if it’s placed right. rinse and repeat.

you just opened a can of worms.

thank you sir

no problem.

finished it.


if i was 7 i would soo rock those.

There are lots of stuff in the hip hop community that I could not rock, either it being too tacky or too colorful.

TMNT can never be too tacky.