Nike Jordan Shoes

K, I have never owned a Nike Jordan or any of its varieties before.

I am currently in the market to buy my first pair of Jordan’s as I have recently taken up an interest in basketball. More than likely I will be playing on a wood surface for the majority of the shoe’s life.

The problem: the share number of Jordan’s that are on the market. How do I know/tell Which is a legitimate basketball shoe? Which ones is just for posing? Which one is the lightest? Most durable? Bang for the buck? The best version?

Can SRK atleast give me some tips, so I can make an educated purchase?

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and i wouldn’t consider jordans for balling. there are better shoes for that. cop jordans to walk around in. why would you consider playing ball in a retro based off of a sneaker that dropped before all of the new and current technology came out?

the majority of retros aren’t even true to the original as far as shape. the molds are different as are the materials used and in a lot of cases the inside cushion is different than the OG. IMO they’re not comfortable enough to play ball in and none are lightweight.

sorry, just being honest.

the new kobe’s or lebron 8’s are better choices if you’re using the sneaker to play ball in.

what do you mean by retro? I thought they made a new shoes every year? Further more what would you suggest?

check out the shoe thread in the image section.

They do, but most of the famous ones are retros. Retros are basically redo of their former products.

For example the Jordan’s I was made in 1985. Jordan’s II was made in 1986, Jordan’s III was made in 1987, and you get the point.

Years later they start reproducing the I, II, III, IV, V, VI, etc… you get the point.

The problem with these 2nd, and 3rd edition is there quality is not the same as the original. Nike really doesn’t care about the quality of these retros, because they sell like hot cakes anyways.

Oh and they do make new shoes. So Debs is partially correct and so are you. If you really want to wear Jordans for basketball then go for the new shoes and not the retros. is the SRK of shoes as to we are to fighting games.

They have an entire sub section dedicated to Jordans.

I have these Jordans…

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Jordans are more made for style than playing ball.

The 11s, 13s, 17s, and 19s are good for basketball. Whatever you do though don’t buy the 18s for basketball, one little thing and those shoes are done. DONE!

Original Jordans before they get retro’d, as mentioned, have superior quality. In other words, you can play in the them AND wear the casually if they are the original editions, without them tearing up as quick. They are hard to find though, if at all really.

i had the white and blue 18’s and i used them for basketball they were 10x better than the 20’s. my favorite jordans are the spacejams, V grapes, and aqua 8’s.

Or you could just keep them deadstock and sell for a higher price. :rolleyes:

thanks for the information guys.

20s have that weird ass ankle strap, I dunno but I thought it was weird for js. I had the black/red 18s and they were ok for like about a week or two, then they started to give out. Somebody accidentally tripped over me and stepped right on them, never the same lol.

Can’t play a sport if you don’t have equipment with an athlete’s name on it.

13’s are the best for basketball IMO
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