Night of the living bad games- BG4

Keep it clean. No namecalling.

I dont give you long until you get burned!

LOL the other one didnt even get a 1,000 replies

Another BG thread, another thread of pure unsportsman-like bullshit.

Let the games commence!

BGs with stickfigs. After like 40-3 me. I said good games, waited 5 seconds and left.

Then he goes in the chatroom saying “faggot, leaving in the middle of a match? fuck you.”

…my new blog!?

LMAO :rofl::rofl:

dont LAUGH ANY PLAYER WITH A BRAIN OR RESOLVE,would take the hint if over and over your frustrated with bad games/opponents<>REALIZATION WOULD OCCUR that maybe…
your the catalyst for FOUL BEHAVIOUR
take note all upstarts!

what the hell?? i just laughed cuz he said his new blog lol

i laugh at you ROFLMAO:rofl::rofl:


professor lion is now in session.

BG’s to Mokujin. Awful, awful player and even worse attitude.

He keeps beating me and I tell him the connection was bad, which was true because I couldn’t even punish his lp shoryu and always when I tried I ate a second. Then he says “connection is very good”, “I can do every combo.”:rolleyes: He starts critisizing me for doing too many Shoryu’s, where he actually had a valid point because after getting so frustrated, not being able to punish any of his mistakes, I kept spamming that shit.

Then to prove a point to him I said that everytime we played I always told him, before we started, that our connection was shit. He retorts with “I only played you one time, and never said connection was bad, only now because lose”.

First of all, Mr. Mokujin learn English. Second, 2df saves replays, and it shows I played you six times in the last two weeks and I don’t even have to check them to know I basicly raped you in 5 of them, in all of which I said the connection was bad before we started playing.

So Bg’s to you and that’s the last time I lower myself to play your ass, so stop challenging me.:arazz:

bgs to Dane, or Dame, or whatever that ***'s name is. i dunno if he posts here, but all he does it bitch about me playing chun or ken, then that i’m scrubby because i play high tier chars (logic here? no don’t think so) etc etc. i streak him 18 then he drops.


Dyne wouldn’t bitch about that; he mains with Twelve and destroys alot of Kens and Chuns. (Also has an impressive Ibuki)

no it wasn’t dyne, but i’ve played him and he bitched at me once for playing ken. i just facepalmed and moved on.


Bgs to xsonicc
dropped when i raped his dud with q.

Bgs to Onslaught … Denjin Ryu got owned and dropped

BGs to simplestyles D: Ragequit on a nigga for beastin with Sean. (was fun though yo lets do it again some time)


Wait, did I do that properly?

you did it wrong, dummy :<