Nicki it bad that I like her?

I don’t know why but I’m starting to like Nicky Minaj.

Those not in the know: [media=youtube]NmZtGOM1ZPc[/media]

Not like she’s all that hot but her voice is sexy. She isn’t a terrible lyricist either.


Her voice? :confused: Thats the worst part it’s like a practiced front

I like the whole “Harajuku barbie” thing she has going and her voice is hot shit. I don’t know but it seems like its a black girl with a white girl voice. As long as she’s not trying to be HARDKORE GANGSTA RAPPAH on her songs I can listen to them all day.

I think she’s the 2nd black girl I’ve found attractive.

in before fake tits and ass.

I don’t know. When she raps, she does these weird mutant vocal things that are weirdly cute. Listen to her verse on this: [media=youtube]KgQssuE90CA[/media]

Fake ass and tits.

(Not serious)

This is fucking weird, I was just trying to remember her name an hour back, and that was the first time i’ve even thought of her in months.


I think this is the “Freestyle” she did.

Who’s the first? Did you see the vid of her a couple years back lookin ugly and broke as hell?

A. Keys>>>>>>> Nicki Mirrage


Saw this a couple of days ago and she’s straight fuckable.

I think that’s all that matters.

Aaliyah. RIP :’( Anytime I watch Queen of the Damned I get the biggest boner in the world.

Also I don’t give a fuck about what she looked like then. Though I’m curious. Can you provide some pictures?

I think I might have to take back the statement I said about me finding her cute. She has a bigger dick than I do.


That just means you guys can flip flop, better sex all around. God damn that is a horrible picture.

If you listen to “Finale” in Young Money’s CD, her voice in that makes her sound manly as fuck.

lyrically shes pretty dope youtube the vid with her,joe budden,buckshot at the 09 hip hop awards. even though it was written she still is official but i wouldnt hit. its something about her deepening her voice that concerns me.

RIP Aaliyah she was also my boo but Kim is the og black Barbie, not that I find her as attractive as liyah

[media=youtube]ujNFYKHTFWY[/media] skip 1 minute

Trust me it’s a fact it’s her. That voice is so fake it comes out when she speaks

THAT’S Nicki? I heard rumors that she used to be a bull dyke but wow that’s scary.

I saw her in the official video, My Chick Bad. When I saw Nicki, I didn’t like her voice too much. seemed kinda crazy. But her with that purple hair and black lipstick, she was pretty fucking hot. Then she appeared without it in the video and I instantly said put the make-up and wig back on.

I got sources that knew her from high school. They tell me she was always like that. So glad I was not fooled by her appearance now

It’s funny how fast she’s turned into another lil kim. She hasn’t been on the scene that long and she’s already had major surgery, tisk tisk

and my dick just ran away.

Edit: I’d still smash her now. I’m not even gonna lie.