Nice monitor to buy?

Hi, there. Was wondering anyone of u have experience with this Dell ST2010 20" HD Widescreen LCD Monitor? The other day, my gf broke up my old monitor for I kept on playing games over and over again. Then she left. We broke up… Now I have to buy a new monitor now. Anyway, its good now. I can focus attention on my WOW!! So happened to find this one. Looks nice. But I’m not sure it is that good. What do u guys think about it? Is it a nice buy? Any other good options? Thanks.

lmao @ ur gf breaking ur shit then dumping u.

ur a sucka…

I think I will have to keep Copy and Paste this.
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Its nice atm for world of warcraft im assuming that you play with the om my WOW!!!

Yeah but how about some advice for people who are looking for a lag free monitor? I want to plug my 360 via HDMI into an HD monitor but I am VERY wary of ANY lag… Ive never owned anything but CRT up until now as I dont want any lag…

whats my best option? Or should I just go with an LCD TV? I prefer a lag free monitor around 20 inches tbh.

Hahhah thats classic… waits for post with link to deal studio :X