Ni No Kuni:...

…Wrath of the White Bitch…

I swear I wasn’t referring to Cammy when I thought of this.

Anyway, I went to a few different stores to track down a copy yesterday. I’ve waited the past week cautiously, biding my time in anticipation of. I’m only a couple hours in, if that but let this be a gateway to discuss all that is Nino Kuchi (lol!) as I’ve been aptly naming it as of late. GO.

Fuck Digital River.

Open to all ideas. Any reason why though?

I want to play already, but my wizard’s edition hasn’t even shipped :frowning:

None of the Wizard’s Editions have shipped yet. A lot of people had their orders canceled as well… even those who pre-ordered like a year ago. Mine is still stuck in order processing.

Contemplating if I want to go out and grab a regular copy in the mean time and just sell it when mine finally arrives…

Would also like my 1-day shipping refunded as well. POS company.

lol preordering. I just walked into a store and grabbed a regular copy.
Its ok. Looks nice…but fairly cliched so far.
I mean its good…for a JRPG.

Yo, that’s crazy! I heard about the Wizard’s Edition but I was so tired of being shot down by every Gamestop around here that I settled for a regular copy. I hope that there’s decent DLC for this game in the future.

lol@you don’t know the collector’s edition was club namco exclusive.

Anyways, bought a regular copy. Not gonna wait for that bs. Might just sell my WE disc and keep the extra content.

Got the email from Namco, and my Wizard’s Edition will be here tomorrow! So stoked! Was tempted to just buy a regular copy this morning, but glad I waited.

Level-5 makes me want to buy this game. Dragon Quest VIII is still one of my favorite JRPGs and I credit Level-5 with that. They did an amazing job on that and it looks like they did an amazing job on this game.

Game is a lot better than I’d imagine, honestly. I’ve been at a stand still with finding a new game worth playing through completely and I’m sure I found it.

This game is fantastic and easily front runner for best rpg of this generation.

Got both wizards and standard ed.
The only have I have ever done this for.

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I’ve been on an rpg kick recently. Playing through older games like xenosaga and final fantasies. Middle of Lufia series right now. should I drop my nostolgia and dive in to this?

Should I buy this game?

I’ve recently become interested after hearing the dude who made my favorite movie ever (Spirited Away) made this game.

The game is extremely solid so far in my eyes. The presentation is wonderful and a real treat, keeping things pretty fresh. I’m a bit of an audiophile, and being sensitive/picky to sound…I’m having a good time with the sound up high which is saying a lot for myself. The game is as in-depth AND then some as I had hoped for. The battles are refreshing and the first boss battle was pretty dope (using ‘defend’ appropriately is key). I can’t type anymore…I have to go play. Go get this experience.

I was just breaking into the better part of FFT 1.3 and end of disc 2 FFVIII and stopped altogether in favor of this. Highly recommended.

Ughhhhhh so many good gaaaames…

How much is it now?

On a sliding scale with one side being Chrono Cross and the other side being Final Fantasy 6, where does this game fall?

Likewise. I’ve always had an affinity for SG’s productions since Princess Mononoke and the game doesn’t disappoint. You can’t play something like this on a standard definition television. A good portion of the rendered cutscenes are of movie like quality. It has quirky and interesting moments of feeling like a game inside of an ongoing movie.