NHC Fight Night Videos 12/18

So I got with the members of No Honor Crew, basically a group of SF2 players that play, promote, love HDR and ST, to get a bunch of them together on HDR on PSN at the same time so I could get matches recorded of good rooms filled with good players and upload them to promote the group and SF2. I plan on doing this once a month/every few weeks. I’ll also get some classic mode nights going as well. Here’s the vids from the 1st night, minus a couple that wouldn’t upload for some reason that I’ll try to re-upload later.

Room 1 - Featuring Hado-King, Royal Phlush (playing Ken/Hawk on Hado’s account), Pacquioa8x, binstone, ryojichang, and mad possum





Room 2 : Featuring: Rice247, dbostick, Pacquiao8x, binstone, and madpossum



Room 3 : Featuring: IronDD, Rice247, dbostick, Pacquiao8x, and madpossum




Room 4: Featuring: Jinjah, Moonchilde, Hado-King, Royal Phlush (playing Ken on Hado’s account), dbostick, and madpossum




Great stuff possum!

Thanks man, doing what I can for the cause, LOL

Here’s the two vids that weren’t working before, I got them to upload.



Fun to watch you guys play without having to lose to you, hahah. Good vids.