Next-Gen "Guilty Gear" for XB360 & PS3 in the works

That is very very good news.

Where is Hecatom? I expect him to be exploding with joy.

Guilty Gear XXX !! more tentacle porn and futanari madness !!

edit : don’t you get bored fighting I-no all the time ?

Freakin awesome, yet another reason for me to get a PS3…

This is really good news. Guilty Gear has always had my respect since it’s the only fighter that moves too fast for me to tell what’s going on. That must mean it’s extremely technical.

Overture II.




Guilty Gear and Tekken are my two favorite fighter storylines. So it’s nice to know to see how Sol will kill “that man.” Or if Johnny ever got into I-no’s panties?:smokin:

Go get em’ Johnny.


well played, sir

That can’t really happen again…can it?

GG/BB Crossover game is something I could get down with. Now gimme my BattleFantasia sequel and tell Sega I want The Rumble Fish 2.

I wasn’t kidding. Does it specify anywhere in the article that the guilty gear being made is going to be a fighting game? No, it doesn’t.

Overture II! Make it happen!

really good news. I cant wait for it to come out.

?I have the full intention yo create Guilty Gear for the PS3 and 360?

Next gen Guilty Gear is just a funny way of saying Blazblue sequel you tards.

Guilty Gear != BlazBlue. Obvious troll is obvious.

Let’s start wishlisting.

Sol Badguy: Dragon Install with Genei-Jin juggle properties. GOGOGO.

From what was said, I think its a sequel to that RTS+Fighting Game fusion than a GG X3…but chances to a crossover made me smile.

Fuck yeah, finally :tup:

Zappa’s 632146HS to not kill his summon, since they added 214D in AC.

Think that since it’s both PS3 and 360 it’s more likely to be a fighter, no point releasing Overture 2 on ps3 when we never got the first one.