Next Gen Fighters For Next Gen Consoles

First off, hi everyone this is my first post! Long story short, I love fighting games but haven’t really been able to get into them until recently because my parents absolutely forbid me from playing them growing up. I always found a way to do it behind their backs though but i’d get in a lot of trouble and I look at the first 18 years of my life as time wasted that i could have been practicing fighting games, any fighting games.

As far as the title of the thread goes, what do you think? Do you think that the new X1 and PS4 will launch with a fighting game? Exclusive or cross platform? I have heard rumors that we might get a new Killer Instinct for X1 because Microsoft bought Rare. But what do you think? I know fighting games aren’t as popular as they once were but I was kind of hoping that with a new console generation we might be able to see some new fighting game IP’s or resurrecting some oldies but goodies. I am making this thread to talk about any news, rumors or just plain hopes that the community may have about what they think we might see or what they want to see with this next generation.

You have 18 years of catching up to do before starting threads IMO. Also why talk about the next gen when you could be playing something RIGHT NOW?

This isn’t really the speculative forum. It’s FGD. Check out the “Read These Rules First” thread. And welcome. =]