Next Gathering/Tournament

When and where are the gatherings and/or tournaments for Washington for Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games?

The quickest way to get a response would be to check out the northwest street fighter group on facebook. There are weekly tournaments, which is cool. We used to have a great scene, until SFIV killed it.

Where in Washington are you?

Here’s a list of FaceBook Events for SF: (11/15, Edmonds) (11/16, Lynnwood) (11/17, Seattle) (11/24, Auburn) (11/29, Seattle) (11/30, Auburn) (12/8, Portland, OR) (12/15, Seattle)

But like Pablo_the_Best said, your best bet to stay in the loop is to check out the NorthWest Street Fighter FaceBook group (here:

Currently in Tacoma. rcaido and stplayhah know me from northwest majors 2012

Edit: and it’s true about whoever said that the northwest players only play ST once a year or so at northwest majors and can beat players from cali that play everyday. (I was just reading that marsgattai/ST Playah thread in the ST forums