NewYork City Anarcade Bash 12/17 Results!

Thanks to everyone came out to this. Thanks to Spooky for bringinging his setup and helping out with Melty. To the staff at Anarcade and everyone else.
Hope everyone had a good time!

Soul Calibur 3
1st. Cidkid
2nd. Max
3rd. Klizza
4th. Rawle

1st. Rudy
2nd. Stephen
3rd. Carl
4th. Kevin

Anniversary Edition
1st. Jeron (CE Guile) (CE Bison)
2nd. Trevor (ST Balrog)
3rd. Matt (ST Ryu)
4th. Chibi (ST Balrog)

1st. Hatred
2nd. Newborn
3rd. Dwane
4th. Ace

Melty Blood React
1st. Saiyd (Akiha)
2nd. Ducky (Chaos)
3rd. Kevin (Ciel)
4th. Akuma (Miako)

Breakers Revenge
1st. Ducky (Tia)
2nd. Akuma (Condor)
3rd. Saiyd (Saizo/ Alsion III/ Pielle)
4th. Jeron (Rila)

There was also a Mario Kart tournament.Congrats to all the placers. Anybody that knows characters used in the other games just post here and I’ll edit. Thanks!

Great shit last night guys.

Akuma played Miyako in Melty Blood.

Jeron good to see you again, let me know as soon as we’re doing this again.

had fun last night…

shag and Jeron now have me practicing in hyper again.

hey Shag i wished our match was taped cause your Balrog was SOLID. i was sweating the whole match. good game.

Good times Jeron!

It was a fun tournament guys, glad I placed in SOMETHING.

Q, I’d love to play more MvC2 with you.

I’m also totally buying a DS now.


Its about time! you know you want mario kart. and congrats to Jeron(DSP killer) and the other winners.

Mario Kart Results

Results from Empire Site

Mario Kart DS: Double Prix

1st. TFGM (Empire) pts 258
2nd. Kreymore (Empire) pts 239
3rd. Inorubain (Empire) pts 164
4th. CPU 2 pts 124
5th. Spooky pts 103
Tie. P. Akuma (Empire) pts 89

-Rules: We played double Prix so everything was pretty much set in order by CPU tournament rankings.

I just wanted to add that the event was fun for me as it was for other members in the Empire. I am glad that you guys came out and enjoyed yourselves. That is what we like to hear from the gamers in the local community. We will host many more events like this to come in the future. Anarchcade will be the place for the most part.

One of you guys asked how do we turn a profit. I guess I can give you guys a bit of insight as to what is going on behind the scene. (not the Empire’s scene) The industry has found a great interest in the community and culture of gaming. They wish to investigate to see what they can come out with. Unfortunately the media aspect does not always get the right represented image of what the community (i.e. Underground). In the future we would like to host more event like this and although not “EVERYTHING” happens as we plan for the most part things go down well. As a “Community” founded organization of gamers we are still working hard on finding the best way to prep and rep the community so that it gets the proper representation to the industry especially when it comes to the media.

Unfortunately we tried to get MTV to come and get some B-role of the tournament and give you guys some air time. It would have been the first of many 15 second fames that we could have gotten you. Unfortunately due to the transit issues, they optted for thursday. Their purpose was to finish a shoot with me for a future MTV coverage about the Empire and what we do. I told them that they could get some footage of me interacting with you guys at the Anarchcade event but like I said the transit issue is what they did not want to brave.

Don’t worry though in the future we will have more opportunities, and I mean the immediate future. Now you may have some who will say who cares and then some that do care but are too scared to speak up because they may be alienate for taking the side of the Empire. Well don’t worry we will speak on your behave. The purpose of this is to get gamers more involved and able to truly express their love for the gathering, the Community and its culture. Every bit counts and helps further develop the Greater Gaming Community.

I can say this much, 2006 will be a good year for the FGC providing all head directors and leaders of events work together without interuption. In closing its good to have seen all of you guys come out to the event.

Good job to the top placers:wgrin: .

Whats up Santhrax. I was expecting you to be there, I wanted to chill and hang out for a bit. This transit garbage that is going on in NYC is going to make this week really hard to travel and game.

hmm I thought there was gonna be an EX2+ tourni. Did it get canceled due to low entries? IF so there there at least any casual?

EX2 was never posted to be played officially. If anything someone asked about it but it was not posted as going to be a official tournament. Besides…no one brought it.

EX2 was there but only casual. maybe next time. we need a jojo tourney and project justice. breakers was too random.

Thats odd, I thought I read that it was supposed to be included with the offical tourni’s… oh well. I hope you all had fun then.

How much people entered each tournament?

Hey when do you guys plan on having the Advanced Wars DS tourney? And what are going to be the rules for it, if it does happen?

Oh Jeron~ Kuma Used Miako, My most hated rival…lol Chaos will chew her…


At the next tournament I’ll set up a DS tournament with Mario Kart and Advance wars. I can’t say what the rules are going to be now. So we’ll see.

As for the numbers. Some tournaments had about 10 per tournament but then some were as low as 6 and those were round robins. Then again you have to look at it, there were over 6 tournaments and none of them consisted of the top games, like Tekken 5, MvC2, CvS2 or 3s.

MB had 7, AE had 6. SC had the most but I don’t know how many. Breakers had 6, would have been 7 but I really didn’t feel like playing it.

Ducky, Chaos is getting slaughtered next we meet. If I can get Chibi decent in time you can fight with him for third. I’m not acceping anything less than grand finals of me vs Sayid.

Spooky is the bestest host evar, but his seeling hates me.

See…I’ve never been one to talk really. We’ll just see.

Oh okay, but if you do find out info that people are interested I would like to help arrange the rules for the Advanced Wars Tournament.

Melty Blood 7 ppl, AE 8 ppl, GGX 10, SC3 9, DOA 4, Breakers 6,

Also both EX 2 and 3 were played casual some of the EX 2 players didnt show so it got cancelled