- Enhancing the Tournament Experience

Check it out if you haven’t already.

  • Video Updates that not only cover a broader range of games than competitors, but update more frequently as well.
  • Gaming news provided by Phuck-IGN regulars.

Update Now regular users can search the site! Just enter your Search and check it out for yourself!

For Registered Users: ( No Cost, and I don’t sell information. )

  • Tournament/Game Release/Convention Calendar.
  • Tournament Coverage and footage.
  • Downloads section with exclusive footage and free hosting for Combo Video/Superplay makers.
  • Convention and Tournament Forums for advertising either.
  • Over 350+ Useful/Cool Gaming Links.

East Coast gamers may be interested to know I hold tournaments biweekly as well, in basically any game you can name.
Upcoming Events:

The next big event, will be REALLY big, as such I’m spending alot of extra time getting stuff ready, I’ll have info up asap.

I think it’s a good place, and i downloaded some of their cvs2 videos.

I like it.


i think they have tekken 5, mvc2, cvs2, and alpha 3…

don’t know much else tho.


Newchallenger owns you for free.

No seriously, the video updates are the best you can find for fighting game related and super play/speerun news and updates.




Details on the new Melty Blood arcade game on my site. :karate:

Other places for MB:AC info.

Hey, Bellreisa, you interested as a news updater on my site? I’d be willing to give you some perks too. Hit me up on aim: To Be More Crazy.

BUMP! Cause people still go to Video Opera.

at least Vid-Op works haha

So does my site =) might I suggest having a browser that doesn’t suck.

'Preciate the link. Tight site.

No thank you for actually giving my site a damn try, I really wish people would stop faking on it. Or at least tell me what they want…I’m working on a redesign and I update constantly!

Those other places suck that’s all they have, nc has that and then some.

Yea he does require you to register.

but so did combo so i don’t see what’s the big deal.

Hell i liked it he has a bunch of match vids and he even has little pictures of characters to show what teams they are.

Just looking on the front page the guy has freaking GAROU… he also has cvs2 sfa3 and 3s and prolly some mvc2 somewhere.

You should list everythign you have burning.

and update this thread when you add new vids.


Directly from the site, you’ll have to go there to see the video updates!

Just updating with a few new site features and a couple of cool links, as usual.

First off, registered members will notice a new search feature that can be used to find content ANYWHERE on the site, forums/news posts/links. Yet another reason to register for those still not bothering. In addition I’ve revamped a few layout issues and uploaded some more smilies.

Now as for the links… - Just joined and I decided maybe I should drop them a link, I’ve met a few pretty cool people on it so far, great for those who regular anime/gaming conventions. - The only place on the web I’ve seen Crazy Taxi footage and Final Fantasy 5 footage in the same place, japanese site.

Akablo - Street Fighter 3 footage abounds on this page, has some really weird videos worth checking out for fans of the series (mostly Third Strike), japanese site.

Don’t forget to check out the polls, and I’d keep an eye on A-Cho, they are showing some new video titles meaning an update is coming up for Guilty Gear XX: # Reloaded and Capcom Fighting Jam.


I would sign up if I could. I tried many times but I don’t want to change my browser or whatever. :confused: but of course ive seen it.

Sup B. I really like the precision that detail that you put into your regular updates. Anyone can just throw up a few links to videos on random occassions. Daily updates are key. Let’s see that new design =p
Keep up the good work bro.


nice site and i like those chibi pics of the characters
and the news well … looks familiar cough

GJ overall!

Uh, yeah, screw you too, man. I happen to run the first site, which is explicitly stated as being a “message board”, not a general media site.

I don’t mean any disrespect to BlazeD or Burningfist, but those sites and CV/NC are for different purposes. Beast’s Lair and Eternal Romancia are for actual discussion, something which is sort of lacking on both of their sites’ forums. In addition to that, BL and ER are speciality forums. They’re not supposed to have anything more. Those threads are supposed to be “all they have”, because they get in-depth about it.

And I also stated that these were sites for MB:AC info, nothing else. Nowhere did I say that either site was trying to one-up NC. Burningfist posted some info about MB:AC, I thought I would try to help by giving some more background as all he did was link to the official page.

This is the kind of crap you get when you try to provide things to other people in the community. No appreciation for anything, just a lot of bitching about how “this site sucks because it doesn’t have any videos” or “I can’t use bittorrent to DL these ginormous 1GB video files that would kill most websites in 27 hours” or “I can’t be bothered to read through old threads that answer all the questions I’m asking”.

Oh, and great site, Burningfist, good to see you finally got it going. I’ll pass on being an updater, but thanks for the offer.

I think we had a mis understanding, HJ probably saw those links and figured you might be trying to steal traffic. It’s cool both of you are cool guys, and ER is tight. :karate:

New Design is being worked on right now!

Two new articles up, first a review of Megaman Anniversary Collection for Gamecube from Pinachina and a mirror of the Fatherbrain ZSNES FAQ.

Bookmarked and will check it regularly. Nice site, BF. :slight_smile: