Newbie Introduction and Questions on Uses for Frame data

Hi, I’am new to the Fighting game community, I just recently bought a PS3 and a bunch of fighting games
-Street FIghter IV:AE
-Street Fighter X Tekken (Pre-ordered)
-Tekken 6
-Tekken Hybrid

I’am trying to train to become a top notch player, and I heard something about the importance of frame data in a video I was watching on YouTube about something and I have a few questions.
-What is Frame data?
-How exactly is knowledge on Frame Data important?
-How can it be applied to your strategy and gameplay?


You should probably out this thread while you’re here.

That’ll get the basics covered. Frame data is how many frames (1 frame = 1/60th of a second in SF4) it takes for a move to start, activate, and recover, along with any special properties a move has, if any.

It’s important in order to dissect the game engine of a given game. It’s using objective numbers (along with hitbox data) to analyse what makes a move work so well, or so poorly, and ways to counter it. It’s trying to understand what options a character has in a given matchup. This is largely in the realm of the theoretical, until you can apply it to your own game play.

It can be used to identify moves that are punishable, and non-punishable. That being said, not everyone learns best from studying the frame data, but it’s another tool to use to learn how to improve your own gameplay. Some top players study and memorize frame data extensively, others have absolutely no clue how to read/use frame data, but they play by “feel”, the old school way.

Thank You very much!!! I gonna go study now!!!

Early on, I wouldn’t worry too hard about memorizing tons of frame data. Getting a general idea of what’s safe/unsafe is fine to start. As your understanding of the game becomes more sophisticated you might want to learn more.

Well, the only thing you need in Frame data is what Attack is more dominant or more faster, you need to know more about Hit-Stun deterioration and Hit Boxes.



Try to Watch these