Newbie here need help

Hi to all arcade lovers.
I am new here and i bought iCade cabinet for ipad.
Because i dont like the artwork and i dont know how can anyone add some photos in the templates?
Something generic for arcades. I dont have any inspiration.
Here is the templates.

Thank you for your help.

Got to give something other than “I don’t have any inspiration”, what games do you like, will you be playing on it etc.

Have a look through the random image thread, there is a few Fighting Game related pieces of artwork, someone here might be able to add that to your template.

I like something more generic with titles and logos like capcom, mame, atari etc and a mix of games scenes. Something like collage lets say.
I dont want something related to one game. I really like puzzle games and shoot em ups !!

and i f its possible close to 8 buttons something like description of each button. Like player 1 , kick etc