Newbie having problems with Links!


I can pull off j.hp,,mk.upball probably 4 times out of 5, but i want it to be 5/5. How many frames are there between each crouching single punch/kick and the special moves like blanka ball and upball? I want to find the easiest link between the crouching move and the blanka ball/upball.


its not a link its a cancel!
you have to do the upball as soon as the hits!
i think the problem here is the chargtime!
as soon as you jump you have to hold down to charge! wait a split second after landing and than do the and cancel it into upball

but i wouldnt use upball cuz hori ball is A LOT safer on block and on hit
i also would add a st.LP after cr.MK, its a 2 frame link that you HAVE to lern to be a good player!
and it gives you more time to hitconfirm!

so you should lern this combo:
j.attack, cr.MK, st.LP xx hori ball


You need 55frames charge to do a mk.upball. I find that has more reach than j.hp so you can be in the air longer/charge longer. Hitting deep (holding off pressing untill the last moment) helps build more charge too.

I couldn’t find the on-hit frames for either or j.hp but we all know that you can link off them anyway so it is kinda irrelevant anyway. If you’re having trouble building charge for the upball try doing a j.hp>> xx mk.upball instead. Nicer pushback and damage. That is… if you have to do upball at all:

The whole ending a combo in upball is a terrible idea; If you miss the link before the xx upball, and do the ball anyway, it leaves you in a horrible situation for any manner of punishments. Even if you hit the mk.upball xx it can be punished by a lot of the cast… on hit. Better off doing a hp.ball to end it (or even lp.ball to take account of the upcoming AE ball-bounce-back changes).

Or if you’re good enough, change all combos that end in balls and substitute with xx hp.elec instead (in before Ves).

Arooooo, etc…

Haha, I started ending in everything in HP Elec cause mullah kept yelling about it. It isn’t that hard!

But yeah both these guys are right, ending combos in upball is a bad idea for the most part. There are certain combo situations where you can only end in upball to get max damage(most notably after a hop to punish a huge whiff to end a round) and I encourage you to only use upball in combos in that situation.

Overall the combos you want to get down are the following because i’m going to assume you aren’t great at doing electricity yet., st.lp xx hp ball, st.lp xx hp ball,,,

and while you can link into upball, canceling into horizontal ball or electricity is the correct combo choice 99% of the time.

I only use upball if I don’t have charge for horizontal ball. As for electricity combos, I use them but ball does more chip damage if you need it for that. For me doing super off of ball is easier than off of electricity. If I were to use upball in a combo, I do j HK or j MK > cr mk > standing lp > up ball. It seems easier and if they block the cr mk then you don’t have to finish the combo and go over their head for a punish, you can hop over, throw out another cr mk or cr lk, or block and punish an attempted reversal.

Thanks for the tips guys! I’ll definetly start practising some more. I’ll try out the electric thunder combos and focus more on horiz balls and not upballs. Also I think I was coming out way too fast with my cancel from to upball, i did it as fast as i possibly could and i could see that the input was right ( in training mode ) but he just crouched there like a iddiot. Am i supposed to blanka ball/upball on the frame(s) that the hits or immediatley after pressing as fast as i can? I might be doing something wrong!

After it hits, go slow, then go progressively faster and you’ll see

What’s the best input method to cancel into hp elec after the st.lp. To even land that part consistently don’t you have to plink? Would that mess up the pianoing?

there isn’t a best way. I slide lmhmh(though I should slide lmlmh it’s more accurate). most people piano in various ways. Mullah triple taps HP. There are so many electricity tutorials I don’t know where to start.

However you don’t want to plink the last inputs, you’ll get ex elec.

Pick a way that you can somewhat do, grind it out every day till you get it down.

I have the worst execution in the world and I can do it consistently enough to get accused of using turbo.

I saw Mullah’s a while back and there is no way I’m getting that off. It’s just too fast. I could kind of get it pianoing lmhmh in Vanilla but had more trouble doing it in Super for some reason. I’m gonna mess around using the slide some more.

when I piano I do lhmlh. I’m faster right to left than I am left to right. I don’t always piano, but when I do, I use Mr SNK’s method.

I piano buffer hp,mp during air, then lp,mp,hp when I land. Allows for crossup>s.lp xx hp.elec and the same for f.hop/dash or crossover hops. Works all the time offline, 90% online.

kkk.hop -> hp,mp (land) lp,mp,hp -> hp,mp (land) lp,mp,hp
crossup -> hp,mp (land) lp,mp,hp

The only thing is I can’t use it in ‘walking elec’, xx hp.elec or xx hp.elec

Currently trying to break the habit before it sticks. The thing is I’ve always finger-drummed like that on desks and stuff for years. Meh.

the problem with buffering is that it makes you complacent. I started out buffering and realized I wanted to be able to do walking elec and to be able to do meaty xx elec, so I just learned.

Days later, he looks up ‘complacent’… Ahh… Turns out I’m the personification of complacentness.