Newbie Endless Battle?

Just wondering if any other “newbies” would be interested in getting together for some Endless Battles? I figure it would be a good chance for us to get out of Practice and sharpen our skills against other players of similar experience.

If anyone’s interested send me a message on XBL (Bashlol) or if you have any suggestions just post them right here and we can work on getting something set up. I mainly play after 8:00PM EST, but on the weekends I’m pretty much available all the time.

Hope to hearing from some of you!

Do you play on psn? I am interested.

I’m on psn. its scarecrow555. just say you’re from srk

i wuz in until i saw psn. damn, i gotta upgrade to ps3!

I’m in too, I’ll add you dudes.

Ill join too, my PSN is Xrii

Picking up Super for PS3 here in a few days, but would love to play agianst you chaps. I will add you all later.

His on xbox and your all on PSN, he said message me on XBL (xbox live).

Im new to the game been playing since SSF4 release, ill add you.

you guys can feel free to add me gt skzim

Look under my name, I am on Xbox too.

Double post, please delete

G-wade For Psn
Add me anytime
im still trying to find the character i wanna use =)

Haha no worries… I don’t have a fightstick for PS3 unfortunately. If anyone wants to play on xbox just send me a request and say SRK so I know where you’re from.

Everyone who’s on PS3 please go ahead and use this thread to connect with one another, the more learning we can get going on the better right? =D

Picked it up today, working on unlocking everyone first lol.

there are no unlockable characters though

My gamertag is ‘nellshini’ for xbox live and I definitely need the practice. Just send me a friend request if I don’t get one out to you first.

I’d really appreciate it if I could join in too. I’m trying to learn balrog and would like feedback and guidance. PSN: kiramew

I’d love it if you guys could add me, too (both ecksbawx and PSN)

Lol, yeah, found that out when I booted it up, hahaha. I started going through the trials instead.

Add me for psn. Tags icefalcen