Newbie Abel Blogging?

Say, what would the interest be in, if I for example made a blog and updated it regularly with things I’ve learned in matches, some safe methods to deal with some people and simply things I learn in a day’s work? I’ve got no job, nor anything to do, so my main thing I do during the day is to play Championship Mode. I know the championship mode isn’t really reliant on good-player-experience, but thought it’d be a nice thing for some people that’s just picking up Abel to see what kind of a learning curve he’s got and what kind of dedication it takes to get good with him.

tl;dr, (too long; didn’t read)

Should I make a blog where I post what I learn and such? Or has this been done, etc?

EDIT: Might be worth to mention that I’m in G2, soon in G1.

Go for it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t read it, but go for it.


Any data is good data, as long as it’s accurate. I’d definately read it :slight_smile:

lol you dont really need other people to give the green light for this.

do what you want to do.

lol@i wont read it but go for it. :rofl:

Oh, reason I asked was basically because I wanted to know if I would have readers or not. But since it’s not that interesting to people - and I’m too lazy to build a layout. I’ll hold off on it until I’m more motivated too.