Newb question - SFA3

I’ve only started getting into street fighter this week, and started with the alpha series, so appologies for sounding dumb…

Question: How do you activate the V-ism meter ingame? I understand its use completly with the ability to ceate custom combos etc, but I can’t seem to activate it?


Punch and kick of same strength (LP+LK, or MP+MP, or HP+HK).

For SFA2 you press 2 punches + 1 kick button, or 2 kick buttons + 1 punch button.

Also remember that (At least in A3, dunno about the others) that when you do that, each combo of buttons (lk+lp or hk+hp) also gives a different spacing for the shadows…so you’d probably want the one where the shadows are closest together…forgot which one that is…