Newb needs an av, if you guys are willing

Hey. Im new, and if you dont believe, take a look at the post count :pleased: I could use an avatar, and if nobody really wants to make me one, could you at least tell me how you do it, and with what program you use?

I would like a avatar, that, of course says my name, and has either Spidey from MvC2, or a character of your choice from Guilty Gear X2 Reload. Thanks in advance for any help your willing to give :clap:

Edit: There we go, sry, meant ava.

you can use photoshop or any digital editing software.

what kind of avatar do you want?

and you can’t have pictures in sigs on this site.

Whoa, did I say sig?! :confused: Durp:confused: . Meant Avatar. Sorry bout that.

Lemme fix dat. :tup:

ok… i’ll do it… just not now… maybe tonight if my psychology studying gets done, and my art project gets started… peace

hope u like it…

hey Shodokan123, that’s great. Thank you very much.


i was just bored waiting for a friend to talk to me, fucker went afk for like 10 mins, so i did ur av real quick.

Lol, aight. Thanks again;. Its a shame we cant have images in our sigs. Oh well.