New York trip-Stick purchase

Hi everyone! Please bear with me for a moment, i’ll try to cut to the chase…
I am living in Greece. Fighting Sticks are NOT sold here. Ordering one from US or Asia is EXTREMELLY expensive due to shipping… A while ago i found a cheap, generic one, which broke down shortly after…
These days i’m planning a trip to New York for the Thanksgiving/Black Friday days. To be precise, i’ll be there from 22 to 30th of November. What i’m asking is:

Where do you guys recomend i can buy a reliable Fighting Stick? Obviously it has to be a brick and mortar shop, not an Online one. We 'll be stayng at Manhattan, 5min walk from Central Park, so it has to be relatively “around” there

Which day are the prices cheaper? Thursday? Black Friday? Brand sales? Are ,for example, Mad Catz sticks on a special bargain? Have you heard s/thing i should know of?

Ok, i know there is a forum thread especially for bying options, but i have to ask: Considering i can not return it from Greece (even warranty is of no use to me practicaly), and that it’s a one-off thing, which stick do you recomend? I know i have to pay for quality but i can’t go very high, so…?

Many, many thanks for your time reading this!!!Any answer will help!

chinatown NYC

You can buy used or brand-new sticks from or

The cheapest option is probably to order one from amazon and have it delivered wherever you will be staying (shipping will be free)

Agree, this is probably your best option. Ebay should be considered as well.

I live in NYC and buy all my sticks online. Videogamesnewyork probably has the best selection. J&L games has sticks in stock. Also try 8 bit and up in the East Village.

He could even order it ahead of time so that it will get to the spot hes at in time.

Thanks everyone for your answers! I see that Amazon prices are in fact higher than than Videogamesnewyork . Black friday is my best option for a bargain price for , say, Qanba 4?

Yes. Or just use the coupon code in my signature on Eightarc’s website.