New XBOX360 HORI Stick

Don’t know how interested people are in this. It’s gotten pretty hard to find the DOA4 stick for a reasonable price (I bought mine for $118 on eBay, it retailed for $60), so this is awesome.

I’ll be picking up at least one of these VF5 X360 sticks, to either have as a replacement for my DOA4 stick or to sell once they stop making them, lol.

people are very interested IMO, but there haven’t been any pics or specs, so it’s hard to tell what excatly this will be

Yeah, I’m just praying for a 6 button layout. I could even deal with the weird VF button mapping.

Same, I reeeeeally hope it’s not an 8 button layout.

Personally, I hope it’s exactly like the DOA4 stick, just with a different aesthetic.

I think he means he hopes it’s not this…

Same as DOA4 stick…

You are correct sir. 8 buttons I could live with, but if it’s that weird ass VF layout I probably won’t get it.

I’m getting like 5 if it has 6 buttons.

Wow that’s nasty, hahaha

Not sure if anyone’s posted images of the new VF5 Hori Stick, but here’s what it looks like:

Does anybody know if this will work on PC since XBOX 360 controllers work on PC? I’d totally pick it up if it did.

Yes, it will.

I use my doa4 stick on my pc all the time.

I really wish they would start putting sanwa stuff in these though.

Awesome. After some reviews on this beast come in I’ll probably pick it up.

johneh, if you used a doa4 stick, its the exact same thing

If that is the limited edition VF5 stick why doesn’t it have a VF5 decal or anything?

ill be grabbing a few of these form Gamestop to mod up ^^

The decal probably isn’t final, would be my guess.

Are Hori’s 360 sticks(DOA4/VF5/EX2/OMFG/whatever) all of good quality? I’m not really interested in modding it unless it’s crappy out of the box. I’m really only gonna use it to play at home wth friends and online.

I thought the stock DOA4 stick was awesome. I also have two modded Teken sticks with Sanwa sticks and buttons.