New X360 Controller W/ New D-Pad... Is It Good?

There is a new Xbox 360 controller that just came out a few days ago, it features a totally new d-pad design among other things. Is the d-pad any good? I figure it can’t be worse than the standard 360 d-pad, though I’ve actually become quite accustomed to it up 'til now. So, thoughts???

You provided no links for those of us who live in a cave.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 D-Pad Update: Something Old, Something New - PCWorld

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$52 shipped at - Xbox 360 Color Accessory Pack (Wireless Controller, Play & Charge Cable, & Rechargeable Battery) (Silver)

I’d also like to hear any feedback on it.

I got this in yesterday; planning to do a review at some point. I haven’t taken it apart yet to see what has changed inside, but it does feel different, and to me the diagonals are somewhat more accurate now.

A while back, I switched playing Fallout 3 from PS3 to 360 (PS3 had to be serviced), and weapon selection on the diagonals of the dpad was a real bitch compared to the PS3 dpad. I played some Fallout New Vegas last night and today and I’m getting less accidental weapon selects. I’d say so far it seems better on the diagonals than the normal 360 dpad, but not as accurate as the PS3 dpad. Note that this is regardless of what mode the dpad is in; it feels better in both “disc” and “cross” modes.