New WWE All Stars Videos + The Return of Macho Man Randy Savage

IGN has a couple of new videos and a new article up on THQ’s upcoming game WWE All Stars. The game is a hybrid Wrestling/Fighting game. Also, Macho Man Randy Savage will make his return to a WWE/WWF game for the first time since (I think) WWF Royal Rumble in the early/mid 90’s.

Article: WWE All Stars: Hitting the Mat - Xbox 360 Preview at IGN


WWE All Stars - The Macho Man Lives Video - PS3 - IGN

WWE All Stars - The Greatest Matches Haven’t Happened Video - PS3 - IGN

I’m not really liking the way this is looking too much, but maybe some will.

I hate the look of the game. Everyone looking like a overmuscled action figure. I’m hoping this at least be decent. I want to play an alternative to SvR. The gameplay for this looks to be dumb fun. I can live with that

Kinnikuman Grand Prix USA edition

Man, I read the title and I thought the Macho Man was gonna return to WWE rapping his way around the show or something.

I dont even know what to say.

about that Randy Savage video or the game.

I actually like the way that it looks like it plays…the muscle-bound characters aren’t that much of a turnoff but C’MON MAN Rey Mysterio looks as buff as Batista and each section of John Cena’s six-pack has their own individual six-pack.

Don’t expect this to be accepted as a “legit” 3D fighter like Tekken, VF or even KOF MIRA though, no matter how fun it is or how deep the gameplay can potentially be.

I doubt anyone is expecting a Tekken or VF out of this. At best this will be the spiritual successor of Wrestlemania: The arcade game

Savage actually seemed toned down in that video. Personally I’m still waiting for the No Mercy sequel, but I have Fire Pro Wrestling :smiley:

Keep waiting, AKI - erm, sorry - Syn Sophia seem more content on making [media=youtube]qYSq4Ha5v2s"[/media]. Sad but true.

I said when I saw Savage with the white beard that he somehow metamorphed into Savage Claus.

The Return of Macho Man Randy Savage

Holy shit, air combos and chain grabs. Also the Macho Man looking pretty good at his age.

Seriously though, if they’re able to get Randy hyped for this game, I’m willing to give it a chance. Definitely looks better than the whole SVR series.

What the fuck? This game looks sick, and Randy Savage’s still got it.

Looks like Kanye West’s soul fused with Epic Beard Man’s body and is posing as Macho Man’s doppleganger…

A Gameplay walkthrough from THQ’s Gamer’s day event
WWE All-Stars Video Game, Characters & Gameplay Walkthrough (Cam) | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

The game looks fun. I haven’t been this excited for a wrestling game since Smackdown: Know Your Role

I am buying this game.

you know im hyped bout this game going be mindless fun .going be fun with this game along side with mvc3

WWE All-Stars for Xbox 360 | GameStop



Hogan and Warrior confirmed? LOLWUT

All I have to say is lolTNA.

Their loss is everyone else’s gain though, it seems. Hogan and Warrior are larger than life characters in the ring, they should be in a game like this. So should Naitch.