New website I'm starting TINKTINK.ORG

just thought i’d throw it out there… for ppl

This is not how you create threads

i never asked you

Should have named it “” it would have given this thread a purpose and increased traffic to your site.


Maybe you should have…

do not listen to tha haterz needs to be spread to the masses

what is this tink tink, nuh mon?

i was hoping for a more sexual connotation

oooohooooooooo this one got some fight in him

Tinker your ass on outta here

Where is the site though? Is this a dream? Is this…

puts on shades


what the fucks a tinktink?

I think Katt Williams knows about this site.
Poor little tink tink…

I don’t know but I’d hide yo wife and yo kids

wasn’t trying to start a ruckus… but if your gunna give me shit… I’ll give ya the same back.

what is tinktink… its just a name…
if you look upon the logo… it shows a trail of a grenade that is bouncing…

as some will know … in the game halo, when a grenade hits solid stone like floors… the grenade goes tink tink.

that is what the name is inspired from.

im just starting up a gaming blog site that covers all gaming genres cause I love all games…
i’m not biased towards any games for that I embrace all games.
its just something to put under my belt. sooner or later after a community builds through the site…we want to have prize giveaways, and we plan on intergrating online tournaments on select games like League of Legends …

as for all the hecklers out there, have a nice day

LOL gotta love kat

All this shit should have been on the first post…why would you just throw a link on there with no description of what it is?
That’s not Kosher.

You want to start a website that covers all games and genres because you love games? Kind of like IGN, Gamspot, Gametrailers and every other gaming website? How stupid are you?

He’ll eventually realize this then give up. Or he could save himself a lot of time and money and pick a niche now.

Halo invented the sound of metal bouncing on concrete.