NEW Wall of Shame: Info on Scammers/Thieves/Time Wasters

I’m going to try to resurrect this so that the OP is regularly updated. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone that’s still actively bad on the old thread:

I’m pretty sure many people, including myself are tired of dealing with this BS for too long. Many of us are frustrated with scammers/ thieves/ users wasting others users’ time. The Wall of Shame is incorporated onto this forum so that we can find information on that one person and track them down so for refunds, let users be aware of thieves, and sellers be aware of users just wasting their time. That way if everything is posted on this thread, the users of SRK will know what to deal with if a situation would arise.

Here’s the general idea.
Scammers and Thieves should have their personal addresses posted up on the thread so that users can contact them.
It should be:
Name of Scammer
Contact Information
and how that person ripped the user off.
As for Time Wasters:
The user should be posted up for the type of infraction that they have done. Other than that, no personal information should be posted about them.

Official Scammers
stay away. (Please report if these people are trying to sell again)

MediumTurquoise = Regular Users
Purple = People outsisde SRK (ebay, etc)
Red = Mods that scam

Lazeeya- Owes money (over $4500!) [Returned and did some orders but still owes money]
Knubbe-sold broken PS3 as new
InfoSeeker- Joystick
khmerdroopy- Metal Panels
Loborine- Xbox 360, Hrap ex Bundle
Zal- Joystick
Chris_himself- Filed Paypal Refund after receiving Cthulhu boards and not returning items back to seller
Electric Trouble - Stole money from customers on Joystick controllers.
BucklemyShoe- Scammed $100 worth of PS2 Games
armad1ll0- Stole 2 dual shocks and $35, never refunded the customer
Mystic- Failed to ship goods, was also banned from "SRK Secret Santa"
Ohnoezz/Hi5ive-Scammed multiple users into transactions without sending anything at all and making people send as “gift” payments
Avidist-Scammed multiple users in purchasing arcade parts
esjihn-Did not ship out 40gb PS3
n00se-Did not ship out Joystick
La(Rence)-Took a good amount of money and did not ship out VLX.
ryu-bi- Failed to ship Kuroda/SBO DVDs
DJMatrix- Owes money ranging around $1000
anabolicfreak-Scammed people in buying Sticks.
OMGiTzChun- Several reports of not shipping items with procrastination on making good on his side even when pressed through outside means (Twitter, Twitch), people who have reported him have never confirmed that he’s made good. Was also arrested on credit card fraud charges in 2016 TWICE.
Nitewalker-Custom stick builder who has multiple orders pending from years ago.
Cagan-Scammed someone out of $65 on a stick, lied and told him that he was waiting for USPS to email him a tracking number when the service does not do that. Customer received refund from Paypal fraud department.
blklightning21-Never shipped orders in a “Going out of business sale” on replacement panels, including not shipping out giveaway prizes to yours truly for the same.
apple arcade-Never shipped orders on SBO DVDs, including to one of the admins of the site. If he shows up in any form elsewhere, even here, stay away.
MasterMasher8-Did not ship out Joystick for $150. Also was trading while not falling under the guidelines.

EBAY WARNING kbc2004 - Situations on PSN Cards
EBAY WARNING SaDo-Sold a destroyed and inoperable dreamcast.

The following people above are not permitted to sell/trade in this forum until they clean up their mess. Sell/Trade threads will be purged on sight.

Threads being accused of scamming, thievery, and bad selling/partnership will be updated to (WOS) instead of WTS/WTT

WOS will better indicate to the buyers that the thread in question has been mentioned/listed in the wall of shame, (WOS) will not be removed until the matter of transactions are fully completed with said buyers/sellers/trading partners.

**This will be in effect for now on. **


so we post here without proofs ?


Situation rectified

i dont know man, but if i remember correctly…i think nitewalker is legit because he built me two solid af wood stick cases. in a timely manner 5 years ago.
if i remember the name correct.
i think his name was nitewalker.

he built them for many, but then disappeare with other peoples money

@MattRuss bought many off him successfully, but eventually he got burnt

That’s the key words. 5 years ago. Not current.

Yeah nightwalker was one of the best. But much like Chad from LL he dissepeared

Lizard Lick? The days of yore.

@MasterMasher8 is a scammer and thief. Email is [email protected]. Stole $160 from me for a stick he never shipped at the end of June. Took the money, never responded after promising a quick ship and tracking number.

@MasterMasher8 has only been registered for 3 months with 9 posts, he should not even be allowed to sell in the first place.

Despite being told this many times in his own thread, he was left alone. The trading outlet needs an active moderator more than anything right now.

If you guys want to PM Preppy and ask for him to give me mod status here, I’ll do it if he’ll allow me. Dunno if he will, but worth a shot.

I’m updating how SRK works so that this (the rules) are just handled directly by board software. I’ve got half of it in place now, will come back to it and finish it later.

OK: I’ve updated user roles and ranks such that you should now be unable to post in the Trading Outlet unless you have been a member for six months. Please PM me or @ me if there are problems.

Q: Does this also take the post count rule into account?
I ask because you occasionally see some long tenured but essentially unknown account with no posts pop up with shit for sale.

I deliberately did not speak to that. In theory, yes. Whether or not that works depends upon Vanilla.

You’re awesome Preppy.

Man that really blows knowing that there’s ppl like this. I’m just trying to get rid and sell things and Now I can’t because I’m too new T.T