New Video by everyone's favorite Street Fighter rapper T-Double

Hundred Hits

wow, this is the best one yet

I was wondering when his next song was coming, and its hot.

He had me at Gigaton Punch. Been a fan of his ever since. Can’t wait on the next one.

i like the hook and the music is awesome as well

lol another banger.

his hooks are always hilarious.


Fucking amazing dude :bow: i Agree, this is possibly your best one yet man! keep it up.

dude is fly. lol @ i may apply for a job in the near future iz yall highering

This guy does not disappoint.

This shit is MAD HOT. That beat is crazy actually. T Double always brings them lolz too. Good shit.

Damn this shit is cold. Sayken Strayer is nasty with the beats and that hook is extra nice.

“I Hit 'em with a hundred hits”