New version of Dragon Blast in the works

I was almost sure that there is a Dragon Blast thread somewhere on SRK but i didnt find it… i wanted to post there because i know that mostly no one will care about this but oh well, here we go:

Urakata has almost re-made his official website for promote his new version of Dragon Blast… and this time it seems that they are serious:

A new char, a totally new version of Shino and new changes on the system for this 3D Donjon fighting game. The game will be released on Comiket, in other words in three more days.

You can watch the trailer here… and by the way, they promise that DB will have “an excellent Online mode”.

looks, kinda interesting, i never played the 1st, but i would give it a chance

Another 2 cent doujin fighter. Spare me please.

The first game was kind lame from what i Played. Though the bird guy had a tight cross up with his fireball, it was kind of like Vulcano Rosso from EX 2 but you could make the fireball actually crossup. I wish the human characters had been less ugly.

Hmm they added an ogre guy as well as worse character art! haha.

Do you feel cool now? Good. Now run along back to the SF4 forum.

Looks promising. Something to defiantly hold me down till the next anticipated game. (MBAA so close yet so far :(…)

Looked pretty cool, up until they kept adding the number of furries. Not to say that it’s a bad thing, but it does leave me a bit skeptical. It may be a lot of fun, though.

Lol gladly, you stay playing this trash and making TvC combo vids :rofl:

Oh no, I’m playing different shitty games instead of the same shitty game as everyone else. Quick, try to insult me.

I don’t want to hate, I’m always up for another poor ass fighter, but did this really need a thread? Its not even done :confused:

Since when do we need games to be done before we start making a tier list?

The first one had no online from what I remember. Im pretty sure thats why the OP made a big point of saying the developer wanted to make good online.

Two more days and its done, seems that its a more “almost finished version” than before so…

The first one did. Whether it worked or not I don’t remember.

Skeptical of what exactly?

How does having furries in the roster make the game any worse or better?

stfu. It makes the game interesting to have some non-human characters for a change. Furthermore, these are not furries, they’re kemono/anthro


Haha, defensive much?

I think those of us who aren’t furries are worried that instead of putting in interesting or good characters or gameplay, they’ll instead let it ride on the fact that some people think that just having a “non-human” character makes it more interesting. Also any kind of weird furry fanservice that happens to pop up on the screen would make us feel dirty.

skeptical of furries obv

Sure, why not? I’ll try it out.

What are you skeptical about? Just because the game has animal characters there’s no reason that fact alone is going to automatically degrade the gameplay. Especially if it’s japanese furry (kemono) which tends to take itself MUCH more seriously than western furry. The two genres are completely separate ball games.

I really don’t see how the fanservice in games like Monster and Dragon Blast are any worse than Darkstalkers, where you have handsome fish-men and wolfdudes getting gender-shifted by a buff vampire guy who wears a skintight suit. And don’t even get me started on Jedah and his inflation fetish.

And I also don’t get your logic here. Does the fact that it’s a human character automatically make it more probable that it will be an interesting or good character? I kind of think the opposite is possible. Human characters are common, and non-human characters tend to have more gimmicks to make them interesting or give them interesting playstyles (tails/claws/extra limbs/animal abilities etc)

That’s kinda the whole reason Darkstalkers is so fun. Because much of the cast are not human and make use of thier abilities in a cool way.

“Patch” R19a for the old game was released on the second day of Comiket

Still didnt try it, my PC is broken right now (fuck my HD).