New tournanent organizer (noob questions)


Hello I want to try to be a local fight game tournament organizer. because I know I tend to be long-winded I’ll break them up into easy chunks that you could choose to either look at or skip.

minigolf TO history and a way to make it pay

I’ve had some experience in the past organizing miniature golf tournament as a made-for-tv show mainly as entertainment and the socialized my fellow high schoolers back in the day.

I was never that good at the later games but I would have loved to compete in Street Fighter II with my right-handed joystick back when I was in high school.

However we mainly my dad lost money because we weren’t sure about how to legally collect fees and stay legal.

what I know about legalities if tournanemts

Since then I figured out a couple ways to do it. I heard in many states Ohio being one of them video game competitions for money where people pay money to enter and potentially win money or the things of value are legal in states where gambling is strictly defined as having an element of luck, therefore if it could be proven that video game results are determined 100% by you and your opponent’s actions then video game tournaments are legal to both hold and have the organizer take a cut for his time and promotion. I found out that way talking about it with Kenny Rosrmblatt of Arcadium. I found out that they had to change their methods entirely when online gaming involved interstate commerce there for federal rules applied and federal rules did not have the zero luck exclusion. show all gaming where people pay money to try to win money is illegal online.

But physical tournaments in venue are legal on a state-by-state basis if the video games can be proven to have zero luck elements in the strictest States, and in more lenient States not give a significant advantage due to luck.

the tournament I ran is minigolf with 16 player single elimination takijg place over eight sessions. But I heard most people in the fighting game community prefer double elimination, or some other formats, where one freak match loss is that going to kick him out of the tournament.I heard that if the prizes are big enough most people would want to travel for one day and either become champion by the end of the day, or get eliminated trying so they can go out and doing their other business.

what I know of double elims

I know double elimination tournaments work best if the number of contestants is equal to a perfect Power of two like the number of gigabytes a flash card has 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 and any of those with a k or M in front of them (even though 16 is considered good for first-time organizer at a local level, and assuming we are talking about BINARY K not decimal k)

Looking at the brackets it seems like part of the appeal is that earlier losses make harder roads to the championship? Is that a necessary function of a double elimination tournament? And if so is there a standard formula for any even Power of two?

How a 2 tier system can deal with potentially ANY NUMBER IF PEOPLE, and a fair way to tier them by skill so all have a theoretical chance

I have to normally turn away people if they like 27 people show up. What do you guys think of this? We got to find some way based on skill just seeds certain players ahead and give them first round byes. since we don’t want the seating round to take long I was thinking one credit on the highest difficulty gets computer the higher score gets precedence over the lower score.

Let’s say there were 27 people, that would mean the best format it would fit under is either 16 or 32.

but I know the computer could do crazy things that are unpredictable and random and therefore arguably considered illegal unless I can be totally determined by joystick maneuvers which I can’t prove. So you can’t say 27 people play and the top 16 go on and the rest say goodbye, because people were argue did they had an unlucky random computer seed.

I was thinking something like this. Take the smallest Power of two below the number of contestants in the 27 example it be 16. Take the difference to indicate number of spots that have to be competed for. In this case 11. a fair thing would be the have twice the number people compete for that many spots so that would be 22. and have a sub double elimination tournament for 22 people to fill 11 spots, with the best 5 players getting a sub tournament bye.

so 22 people randomly have a single match up so we have 11 winners and 11 losers. 10 of the 11 losers play a match, with the top seed of the 11 losers getting an automatic win for that round. to have 6 1-1 people and 5 double losers. Well every winner except the top-seeded winner play so there’s 6 double winners and 5 one and one hours

how I can make money by intentionally having 2 strata

I was going to do this to try my hand at with Twitch streaming and also to promote my brand of joysticks called I was going to put $100 in the jackpot and charged $10 and entry and give people a chance to win their $10 back by playing 4 out of 7 match where each of your four wins (either mine against yours or yours against mine) must be with 4 different characters. if you win you get your money back and basically get a free entry and get moved to the higher tier. If I win, I keep half the entry as part of my payment put the other half to increase the jackpot and put you in a lower-tier we have to do more work to get to the top.

Using similar methods to the ones described above for dealing with an unknown number players that aren’t an even Power of two, so if I play 40 people and 9 of them beat me in 31 lose to me, then those 31 people will play in a double elimination tournament as a wildcard tournament with six spots on the line.

I noticed in double elimination tournament there are different strata which are considered equal the first second third and fourth place which are usually hold solely by one person fifth and sixth is considered. Is 7th and 8th is considered the same strata, I could say in the tournament that if you’re in the zero-loss bracket if you’re guaranteed to finish better than 7th then you don’t have to play anymore because you automatically won a main spot in the tournament by doing well enough in the satellite.

if the distance difference between qualifying and failing to qualify lies in between the same strata than those who finish their second loss on that strata will have a playoff until we sort out who won and who lost.

Easiest way to deal with overpowered characters

I understand about character tier theory and some people have complaints where someone is unstoppable with one character. However one of the easiest ways Tim force people to both play with and against more styles and prove a more all-around excellence with a game is to insist in two out of three rounds for a point first of four points advances but each of those four points must be earned by four different characters.

And also there’s a concept of home field advantage. The first game in a matchup is considered neutral turf we’re both people have to select their character in secret to be revealed when they come up. so no one has advantage of either forcing an opponent’s choice or reacting to an opponent’s choice. I know there are currently blind choice rules.

Once the neutral match is decided, the winner of the most recent match in the 4 out of 7 is the visitor for the next match which means they have to pick their player blind and their opponents can react to it. And because of the fact that in your four out of seven you must win with 4 different characters once you win with them, you can’t use them again for the rest of the round. The whole person could so like anyone on the roster that is not band nor has won an earlier match in that particular 4/7 matchup. So if the home team wins every game by reacting to an opponent your advantage to winning the first neutral matchup is if tied 3 to 3 and everyone wins the home game you’ll have a home-field advantage in the deciding match.

I know currently they have secret pick. rules where they write the name of a character and seal it in an envelope to be presented. (In the days of covid-19 whispering in the refs ear might seem a little socially undistant.)

what if you have more going to win this thing to pick like different isms in alpha or multiple characters in a versus game or Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite two characters and one stone? Do you have to make all the choices in the blind in the first match. In the case of Marvel versus Capcom infinite do both people:

A pick the first character second character and gem all in the blind and then see your opponent’s pics

Or B: pick character one in the blind then after seeing their opponents first character one pick a second character, then after seeing their opponents character to pick their gemstone blind?

I guess with a home-field Advantage system. you can have the visitor make all their picks first or you could stagger the pics one at a time? And in my case not repeat a selection, except for isms in Street Fighter Alpha 3 we’re if you’re going to win four games one is guaranteed to be repeated twice, but you don’t have to wait to get three wins in order to get your 4th anything win after your first double it kind of ties your hands.

sudden death round 4 tiebreaker

I noticed that the only game that had a special tiebreaker when the first three rounds went a win loss in tie in any order was to have in Virtua Fighter. They use a small ring match. just because the computer is programmed to do something doesn’t mean we have to accept the results of computer gives us. therefore if the match ends in a win loss and tie or even more crazy three ties, the fourth round match will be sudden death. Win on First contact. (By the way that contact must be unblocked for it to count). I know every Capcom games since Street Fighter 2 new Challengers displayed who made the first unblocked attack. In those cases it would be easy to determine.

Now a question about games that don’t have that as a build instead. In some cases it’s real obvious, but others might have a double hit. I know the thing is to let the game play on until at some point you have a definitive winner but you review the tape frame by frame to see who got the first hit when studied under instant replay. And I know there can be double hits at the same time in which case whoever has the larger lifebar wins (but with differences so minute, I don’t know if you could tell unless you have a pixel counter.) I guess a rule could be made that if there is a double hit on a fresh new round dead it’s easy to tell a double hit, in which case you play on until you have a definitive clear single hit and then review the tape to see if there’s any double hits.

If I want to see this encoded in a future game I guess they would have to make a deliberate 1/10 the energy 1/10 the time round with whatever specials you got carried over in.

The arcade owners wouldn’t like the thing about constant blocking and moving, so maybe the Divekick tiebreaker rule would be a place where if no one touches each other in 10 seconds whoever is closest to the physical center of the stage wins.

And also we were going to live broadcast on Twitch so that for every five bits donated the house gets two, the player who got wins the round gets two and the opponent gets one for the match, so if someone counters one of those long super combos and punishes appropriately and people drop hundreds of bits that would be extra money for the house, the person that performed it and the person who got shocked. In case of a remainder, it goes in this order: winner, house, loser, winner, house, repeat.

considering the players also get a share of the bets would it be wiser to make it a one-ring circus, but you have to balance it out against people who don’t want to stay overnight for more than one night if they travel far.

by the way I got a company who has a classic video game store who told me I could run tournaments in a store and he’s doing it on Twitch for promotion. It’s basically a trade of his premises’ usage for his business’ exposure.

I notice a single elimination tourney, assuming you don’t have tiebreakers for eliminated people, have this setup
1st (1)
2nd (1)
Semifinalist (3-4) (2)
Great Eight member (5-8) (4)
Sweet Sixteen member (9-16) (8)

1, 1 2, 4, 8, 16, …

Double elimination has


It looks like 1 1 1 1 2 2 4 4. I assume the if there’s 32 people, then there’s 17-24 and 25-32 which is 8 and 8.

I assume the structure should have that type of ranking.

I guess there by brackets showing doubles elimination tournaments for any integer power of 2.

What do you think of my solution of when it doesn’t equal an integer power of 2? A 2 tier system of a satellite double elimination to fill the remaining spots. And the tier and byes in the satellite are determined by a performance in a highest level CPU one credit game?