New to This

I could use some c & c.

lol…damn u…uve only been working for 2 days…haha…i shouldnt have showed u anything when u came over saturday…errr:mad: …lol:p

by the way…did u learn anything from the psd. i sent ya?

yes, a bit. Just that random air brush + smudge/blur/highlight can get you pretty far.

I still dun get how you used the texture but it looked very nice.

if your talking about what im talking about…i just clouded red/black
then i did filter>distort>ripple…the settings at large and 999
then i overlayed it

Damn nice, Mukai’s the man. Only thing is, on the second Mukai one, the animation looks funny when it goes over his left shoulder, and it looks like it’s passing right through the still image.