New To This.

[LEFT]Hey, I’m new to this. Not fighting in general, but Street Fighter types. Basically, I suck. Linking confuses me. And combos in this game are confusing, too. Like, take Poison’s 10th Trial. J.HK, S.HP, Whip of Love, Whip of Love, Whip of Love. I cant connect the last 3 whips. I can’t even connect the 1st one. xD[/LEFT]

You have to cancel the S.HP into the whip of love. To get all the rekkas to connect you have to perform the motion (QCB) 3 times.

Yeah, I just got that done. Took me a bit. xD And is there a trick to linking? Or is it just something you pick up over time?

All about practice. If the move doesnt come out you are going too fast if it comes out but is blocked you are going too slow.

That’s very… Precise. xD

This is the place to go with any simple questions you may have. Many members would be glad to help you here.

Word of advice: be cautious about posting unnecessary new threads. There’s a good chance you’ll catch alot of flames, and a better chance your thread will be closed. That said, welcome to the FGC. :slight_smile:

There’s not much to it. The only link there would be the s.HP after the jump attack. Just mess around with the basic timing of your button presses until you’re able to land those two hits.

After that, the whip of love are all cancels, so they should be done fairly quick after the S.HP. If it doesn’t work, try to be conscious on adjusting the timing of inputs, be it faster or slower, until you begin to see some progress. That’s the most effective way to practice these types of things.