New to these parts!

Just wanted to introduce myself! I’ve been learking around these forums for a lil while. So i just decided to join :slight_smile:

Oh yeah forgot to mention, I also do a lil here and there in photoshop :smiley:

Hey, welcome. Hope you like it here, just don’t screw around and break the rules. The mods take their work seriously… :lol:

Haha no need to worry about me breakin da rulez Alpha.

rule #1… you gotta remove demon off your name…

rule #2… dont believe wut this guy says…

Well A-D Looks like we’re twankies for now :smiley: lol Anyhow if any of you guys want a avatar i wouldn’t mind makin one for ya at all. IM up for a few right now

show some work first…=]

HI and Welcome!!! :slight_smile:

A texas homie, welcome.

Welcome. Is there any way to shorten your name? Haha. Like EK or something? Anyway, please do show work. Maybe try posting it in the showcase thread too. That’d be great. Don’t worry, none of us bite. :slight_smile:


I do…:mad:

I stand corrected.

Liar. :0

welcome to the Greatest site ever ( and i mean that). oh nice Cross in you name. :frowning: wish i could do that.


I STAND CORRECTED SE! :mad: [/rabble rabble]

haha you guys are too great. Yeah i’ll be glad to show my work once i get some saved on this new computer.

you’re so tempermental…


^^ nice av

wtf? No flames?