New to the Street Fighter. In need of some assistance

Hello, all.

I am a Super Smash Bros. Melee player and I need some helping figuring out who is a good starter character in Super Street Fighter IV. I have played a bit of Street Fighters in the past but nothing too in-depth at all.

I mained Sheik and Marth in Melee (with quite a bit of Fox thrown in there, along with Ganon). So… can anyone suggest a good starting character or two based on this? I have an arcade stick (still getting used to it though) and I would like to get a bit better at this game.


  1. Alot of people here don’t like SMASH…don’t even bother asking why. So let’s get that out of the way.

    By noob for noobs…

  3. Once you get that down…LEASE read before you post again.

There is Character Discussion to discuss which character you decide to start with…

It really doesn’t matter who you mained in smash, the games are so different that you will basically need to learn this from scratch anyways.

Smash doesn’t correlate with Street Fighter at all. Don’t bother trying to pick a fighting game character based on who you played in a competitive platformer game.

That said, Ryu/Ken are often good choices for starting out, since they’re well rounded characters. Other good choices would be Guile or maybe Chun Li, as they both have the health to allow you to make a couple of mistakes, and the solid fundamentals to let you play a versatile game.

Oh, and don’t mention that you’re a smash player here ever again. And don’t ask about what character you should main. And read the stickies for christ’s sake.

The words ‘Super’ and ‘Smash’ can be pretty dangerous around here, I would be careful, Cm

Hehe smash…

I don’t really play Smash very much, but if you played Sheik/Marth you might like Ibuki/Viper. Ibuki has the whole ninja look with the ninja projectiles and is fast while Viper has air zoning with burn kicks similar to the way I’ve seen Marths played.

I disagree with other posters that the games don’t correlate.

At high level play, the game has mindgames and zoning the same way Street Fighter does. Ultimately, it’s a 2D fighter - if you play it like one, it acts like one. Especially if you played it one on one, which is how I always played it.

Sheik, Fox, and to a certain extent Marth, are all generally pretty quick characters. In that regard you may want to look into some of the quicker characters in SSF4:

Chun-Li - Great foot speed, good dash, fast moves, good recovery, overall pretty well-balanced
Akuma - Great foot speed, fairly quick moves, poor recovery, but great mixup game and runaway game
Juri - Poor foot speed, fast dash, decent runaway game, somewhat quick moves
M. Bison (Dictator) - Great foot speed, quick moves, good recovery
Cammy - Good foot speed, good dash, somewhat quick moves

Sorry if I missed a few. Guy and El Fuerte come to mind, but I don’t know enough about them to really say.

Fei Long

one thing i can say to a melee player picking up ssf4… you’re going to have to learn patience

smash players LOVE to jump, one time i was playing ST with a friend who plays melee and he said “what character can i jump a lot with?” and i was like “none of them lol”

i’d reccomend reading / watching some tutorials on the basics of street fighter they will be very helpful