New to the game, could use some helpful advice

There was a marvel tourny at my college that i won, and the prize was a free copy of SFXT. I originally wasn’t going to buy the game but well now that i have it for free im trying to get into it. My team is Yoshimitsu x King (yes, i know yoshimitsu isnt the best character in the world). I picked them because they’re my favorite tekken characters and im just having trouble winning matches with them. Im pretty familiar with their moveset, i can do optimal-damage combos and effective tag combos, yet when i actually get into a match online i get slaughtered. Im a decent AE player and i figured the gameplay would be similar but it feels completely different. I have a lot of trouble punishing moves and basic tactics that i would normally be able to deal with in other games, yet because of my inability to punish i get beat by really simple stuff.

Just to give an idea of how i play, i try to zone with yoshimitsu because his windmill has decent range and his poison mist can absorb projectiles, and i use king as anchor because he does high damage and has easy tag combo enders. I rush down with king and try to abuse his good normals and his Jaguar step to get in.

If you guys could just give some general tips on the game or let me know if im using this team correctly, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

post a video IMO.

best way to get good advice

match critique thread located here:

You say you do optimal damage comboes and tag comboes, so you must have read up on the characters, am I right? One thing I would like to note, in regards to your question about punishing stuff in matches, is that you more often than not, want to punish with one normal (light attack if the punish window is small or heavy attack if you have more time) in to launcher, and get your damage from the character you tag in to. I don’t know how much of this you are doing, since I haven’t seen gameplay from you, but it’s just a general advice.

Also, from what I have seen from yoshi and king, and what you describe about your strategy, your main damage should come from windmill tag cancel in to kings knees with throw ender or launcher to get yoshi back in. Regarding king, the way I understand how you should play him, is to go for damaging knee comboes from launchers and go for a lot of resets in to damage, with heavy use of his ex convict kick that is major + on block.

I am just throwing out ideas, and maybe something is worth something. I could recommend searching youtube for Vulcan Hades (Great Yoshimitsu) and Jibbo (when he uses king) (Also some japanese yoshis I don’r remember the name of)

Last advice: Since you seem fairly new to the game, and because of your character choice, I would recommend reading through the changes for Yoshi and King in the 2013 version and plan your strategy and gameplay around that (Since you still have time to form your play style to fit the changes that are coming soon)

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Yes i did read up on the characters to get some combos down and have been trying to use some of the strategies that people have spread around, i just have trouble actually getting things into motion during a match do to the fact that i have such difficulty punishing. Im gonna be uploading some replays later to that replay thread

I hate yoshi’s j.hp. I don’t think there’s any move that beats it. Anyways I can’t hep with those characters but I’m sure hades can. Look up videos with a guy named Jack Slater on psn, he has a decent yoshi.